Aegend Swim Goggles for Adult Men Women Youth Kids Child

  • Comfortable wearing - The silicone-made is flexible to make adjustment according to your nosepiece so that it won’t be too loose or too tight on your nose.
  • Anti-fogging technology - The inner surfaces of the glasses are covered by special coating to prevent the lenses from fogging in case of any accidents.
  • Closely fit - The flexible silicon frame perfectly fit all kinds of facial forms so as to prevent water from leaking in and cause damage.
  • Fashionable design - Four colors available and each of them is equipped with colorful lenses.
  • Excellent performance - Polycarbonate lenses make the glasses durable and resistible and the coating prevents heat and sunshine.

Aegend Swim Goggles is designed to guarantee you 100% fun in the swimming pool. It is featured with:

  • Anti-fog treatment to provide a clear view

Fogging lenses could prevent you from seeing your surroundings and even result in accidents in the water. Before putting it on and go swimming, you are suggested to wet it in the pool water so that the anti-fogging coating would work. After you get out of the swimming pool, wash the goggles in fresh water and dry it naturally in the air. Do not wipe the lenses, especially with a coarse cloth. Careful maintenance will prolong the lifespan of the goggle.


  • Ergonomic & comfortable design

The goggle frame is made of flexible silicone so as to perfectly and tightly fit your face and stay stable on your nose bridge. The frame is tightly seamed with a dual seal in case that water leak in. 

image.png image.png

  • Resistible, durable and fashionable lenses

The colorful lenses can easily cheer you up and grab people's attention. Sometimes when you swim outside on extremely sunny days, you might worry that the direct sunlight into your eyes is likely to cause damage to your eyes. The lenses of this swimming goggle, covered with UV protection coating will spare you the trouble. The polycarbonate lens makes it more shatter-proof and durable. It will remain safe and unbroken.


  • Convenient clasp

The clasp at the back, made of plastic, is convenient for both putting on and remove.


  • Perfect after-sale services for one year

Aegend products are only available in the official store on Amazon and whatever purchased through formal channels is guarantee a 12-month warranty.

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