API Master Test Kit(7 Bottles of Testing Solutions)

  • Scientific Accuracy - The API Master Test Kit can quickly and easily measure and modify the 5 water parameters, helps to improve the environment of freshwater fish and ensure their health.
  • Premium Measuring Kit - This Master Test Kit includes 4 glass test tubes, test tube rack, computer calibrated & laminated color card and a holding tray, can be used to provides you with professional results.
  • Care for Fish - Monitor the harmful conditions in a fish tank, reduce the risk of being toxic by waste and other harmful substances, remove those bad thing in time.
  • Easy to Use - Simple operation, quickly realize the problem after compare results to the color card and then take action in accordance with the recommendations on the card.
  • Great Aquarium Test Kit - With this API Aquarium products, you can take care of your fishes and consistently provide the cleanest and safest place, easy to have beautiful saltwater, freshwater or reef aquarium.

API has been committed to creating effective and easy methods to take care of fishes over 50 years. API is aiming to help you build a safer environment for your fish by monitoring the water and removing toxic matters. 

This product - API Master Test Kit offers seven bottles of testing solutions, four glass tubs, tube rack and a color card, helping to monitor 5 important parameters of water quality: nitrate, carbonate, nitrite, pH, and general water hardness. 

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