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Painting is acknowledged to relaxing and interesting, but it could also be a complicated job either at home or outdoors. If you don’t have an indoor studio, you will find it difficult because you have to bring all the equipment with you, including brush, pigments and paper. That is to say, you should prepare an art easel. There are different types of artist easels available on the market, such as a-frame easel, h-frame easels, convertible easel, single mast easel, tabletop art easel, portable easel, bench easel, children’s easel, etc.

However, choosing a painting easel is not an easy job. You have to consider whether it is durable and portable, whether there is enough space for your tools, etc. Therefore, instead of ordering a random artist easel, we would like you to read through this passage and pick out the best art easel. 

Part 1. Best A-frame Art Easel

A-frame painting easel, also known as lyre easel, has three legs, two in the front and one in the back, shaping like the letter “A”. The triangle design makes it suitable for the corner and the easy storage. They are usually smaller than an H-frame easel or giant easel, thus more portable for outdoor use.  

* Ohuhu Art Easel

 Ohuhu Art Easel

This is the best art easel on Amazon which is designed to be placed either on the floor and the table top. Made of aluminum, it is quite durable and resistant to rust and erosion.

The easy-turn knobs allow users to adjust the angle and height from 21 to 66 inches so that both children and adults could feel free to use it.

The feet of this painting easel is featured with pads so that it would stand sturdily on the uneven floor.

The top clamp loaded with spring fits drawing paper of different sizes and secures it.

As it folds up to be only 21 inches, it is quite convenient for easy storage. There comes along with a free carrying bag so that you could easily take it out for landscape painting.


* T-Sign Art Easel 

T-Sign Art Easel

T-Sign art easel is also highly recommended by Amazon. The adjustable height ranging from 21 inches to 66 inches is suitable for standing on both the floor and the table. By simply turning the knobs, you would adjust its height and tilt the angle. This collapsible painting easel folds up to be 21 inches for easy storage and transport.

The spring loaded top clamps prevent canvas or drawing boards from displacing. It could support panels as large as 33 inches x 1.2 inches or smaller.

When you take it outdoors, especially to uneven places, you could adjust the legs to keep it balanced. The anti-skid design provides extra stability. This easel, made of extra-thick and lightweight aluminum, weighs 3.1 pounds and is able to hold up to 25 pounds. You could even put a dry erase board on it.

The package includes a durable nylon bag for you to carry it around. The manufacturer promises that all T-Sign products have a two-year warranty, so you could feel free to place an order. 


Part 2. tabletop art easel

Tabletop painting easel is suitable for small room use. It is designed for a table or desk so as to take up less space than A-frame or H-frame one. It is usually featured with a drawer for tool storage. 

* Art Alternatives Art Easel

 Art Alternatives Art Easel

If you seldom go out for painting and would like one for table display, this wooden artist easel would satisfy your needs. You could take it as either a miniature desk or painting easel. The adjustable angle allows you to tilt it to four different places so as to find the most comfortable position.  

There are no clamps to secure the canvas, but the holder at the bottom of the panel perfectly prevents the canvas from sliding. The wooden structure makes it lightweight but sturdy to hold canvas of 11 x 14 inches.

It is featured with a small drawer with three storage compartment so that you could put some necessary painting tools inside for your convenience. However, it could not accommodate bottles or jars unless you leave it open. Anyway, it is quite the smart design for daily use.



Art easel is recognized as an indispensable partner of artists. It spares them much trouble so they could concentrate and enjoy the joy of painting. If you also looking for the best painting easel, we hope that this artist easel review would help you.


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