Bathroom Shelf Buying Guide

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It seems that there is no perfect solution to deal with the messiest bathroom. The bathroom can be easy to mess up even though we had to organize the bathroom the day before. But we found a better way for you, this is the bathroom shelf. Using the bathroom organizer makes the bathroom look more organized and stylish. In addition, many of the bathroom shelves are versatile, and you can put it in other places in the room.

After comparing the different styles of shelves, here are the best bathroom shelves we have found.

Different Types Of Bathroom Shelf

Storage shelf

If you have a small bathroom, the storage rack is a worthwhile investment. Its small size may not be suitable for storing everything you have like the closet you put in the hall,  but it is enough for the storage of bathroom supplies. It is the ideal organizer for organizing your bathroom item and help you solve the messy counter. It can be used to store towels, you can fold the towels and spread them on the bathroom organizer. Any beauty product can be neatly placed in the drawer.

Corner bathroom shelf

Another ideal shelf for a small bathroom is the corner bathroom shelf. This is a shelf that takes full advantage of your bathroom space. The V-shaped corner frame fits perfectly into the corner so that you don't feel that there is not much space left if you place it in the bathroom. It is a great way to store your raw paper, towels and shampoo and shower gel. This bathroom shelf comes in a different material. The bamboo shelf is light and you can place it wherever you want.

Wall-mounted shelf

Our bathroom has a lot of space not to be used, so the space above the counter should be better utilized. The wall-mounted bathroom organizer lets you get extra space for your small bathroom. It is worth mentioning that we have found many models with suction cups or viscose. The drilling-free model will not damage your walls or leave a flawed hole. What's more, the Wall-mounted bathroom organizer is easy to install and you don't need any tools to punch holes.

Floating bathroom organizer

It is used more to store and display photos. You can use it to decorate your bathroom and make your bathroom look more beautiful. Because it doesn't take up space on any of your desks, it's also a great choice for small bathrooms.

Best Bathroom Shelf on Amazon

Wall-mounted Bathroom Organizer

Wall-mounted bathroom organizer.jpg

This bathroom organizer is a wall-mounted model. Although it requires you to drill, it also means it is a heavy-duty bathroom shelf. It comes with some mounting hardware, and you get installation instructions, which makes your installation easier.

This shelf features tempered glass and aluminum construction. High-quality tempered glass is 7 mm thick and is more durable and safer than normal glass. Because when it breaks, the glass particles do not fly out but form a small particle mass. The surface of the aluminum is anodized, so it is rust-proof and suitable for use in more humid places such as bathrooms and kitchens. Besides, its rust-proof surface maximizes its service life.

This bathroom shelf weighs 5.2 pounds and measures 14.3" x 5.2" x 2.5". It can support a total of 10 KG items, approximately 22 lbs.


AmazonBasics Bathroom Shelf

AmazonBasics Bathroom Shelf.jpg

If you have a large bathroom, AmazonBasics is the best bathroom organizer with a stylish look. This durable shelf has three shelves.23.2 inches wide, 13.4 inches deep, 30 inches high. You can place it in the kitchen, office, dormitory, large bathroom.

It gives you plenty of storage, and you can place up to 250 pounds on each shelf. Plus, it's an adjustable shelf that you can easily adjust without tools. Plus, you can easily put it on an uneven surface by twisting it.


Simplehuman Adjustable Bathroom Organizer

Simplehuman Adjustable Bathroom Organizer.jpg

Simplehuman's bathroom shelf has a lovely design with retractable neck provider offering space for them to hold the shower head. This shelf is adjustable so you can easily place any shampoo or shower gel. What you need to do is to gently turn the quick-adjusting dial to free up more space for large items such as cleaning brushes, razors, and electric toothbrushes.

It is easy to install and durable. Its rubber nozzle holder supports the caddy from above, while the suction cup below provides strong support.



above we list bathroom storage solutions to help you strategically maximize bathroom space. hope you can find the best bathroom shelf for your bathroom.


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