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Beach is one of the most popular holiday resorts when they go on vacation. You could choose to swim in the sea or stay on the beach to have a sunbath. Sunbathing is the best choice for those who can’t swim. If you would like to relax by the sea, beach chairs are indispensable to make sure that you feel comfortable. They are usually collapsible for easy storage and transportation so that you could take it to either the beach or the poolside. However, choosing beach chairs is not an easy thing. Therefore, we have conducted a buying guide and picked some top-ranking folding chairs for you.

Part 1. What Beach Chairs to Choose?

*Rio Beach Big Boy Backpack Beach Chairs

Rio Beach Big Boy Backpack Beach Chairs

Made of the aluminum frame, this backpack beach chair folds up to be only 11 pounds, which is lightweight and portable to release your hands on the trip. The adjustable straps fit people at different height and age. Padded backpack strap makes it more comfortable to carry.

Raising up to 13 inches from the ground, Rio beach chairs have a 22-in seat and backrest. Either strong or slim person could feel free to lie on it.

The wider handrail allows you to rest your arm freely. You could tilt it to 4 different angles in case that it would smash your fingers.  

After extending the folding chairs, remember to lock the frame in case that it slides or collapses when you lie on it. Once locked, the durable pool chairs could hold up to 300 pounds.

There is a large pocket on the right side with Velcro closure to prevent your tower, phone, snacks or anything else from dropping out. Additionally, the beach chair is also equipped with a removable pillow for supporting your head or neck while the cup holder holds your favorite drinks. 


*Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chairs 

Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chairs

Tommy Bahama backpack beach chairs consist of a lightweight aluminum frame and polyester seat. The premium aluminum works well in rust resistance, which is important when you leave it by the wet poolside or beach. The 600-denier polyester is more durable than the other fabric, able to hold up to 300 pounds.

You could tilt the chair to 5 angles, from sit up straight to fully lie down so that you could choose the most comfortable position.

After folded up, you could carry it like a backpack or handbag. The padded straps add convenience and reduce the burden on your shoulder. There comes a tote bag with rubber handle for you store the chair and carry it in your hands.

There are several storage pockets by the side of the handrest and at the back of the backrest where you could put your cups, bottles, cell phones, towers or other items inside.


*Melissa & Doug Kids’ Beach Chairs

Melissa & Doug Kids’ Beach Chairs

This is the bestseller among outdoor folding chairs for kids which is easy to open up and fold up. They would be excited to have their own private space on the beach.

When fully assembled, the chair measures 25 x 13 x 12.75inches, designed for kids above 3 years old. The durable metal frame, covered with thick and washable cloth, enables the beach chairs to last for years. The enhanced edges perfectly prevent tearing and wearing out.

With a butterfly pattern on the back, this chair would attract children’s attention. The rich color would not fade easily, either.

The grooved plastic feet guarantees a strong grip to the ground in case that the chair slip or turn over, so you could feel free to leave your child on it.

There is a mesh holder hanging to the wider and reinforced handrest where you could put your kids’ favorite snacks in it.

When you have to leave, just fold it up into a compact column and slide it into the pouch included, then you are ready to go. It adds convenience to parents when they have to take care of their children. 

Part 2. How to Choose Beach Chairs?

  • Material

There are many kinds of beach chairs, including aluminum, wooden and steel pool chairs.

Aluminum beach chairs are the most lightweight and portable. However, rough handle might cause slight dents if you do not take good care of them.

Wooden beach chairs always boast a classic and natural appearance. As wood is poor in heat conduction, you don’t have to worry that the sun would “burn” your chair. however, you have to take a heavier chair than an aluminum one.

Steel beach chairs are more durable but also more expensive than aluminum. If you don't take good care of it, it would get rusted especially when you take it to a wet place.

  • Type of beach chairs

What kind of beach chairs you should buy depends on what you are going to, such as sitting, sleeping or reading.

  • Lounge folding chairs

Lounge folding chairs, as you can see, are design for a refreshed nap on the beach. You could sprawl out on the spacious chair and lie down at ease.

  • Backpack beach chairs

Backpack beach chairs are designed for convenience. You could wear it as a lightweight backpack when you go to the beach. With the chair on the back, you could leave your hands free to carry other necessities.

  • Classic beach chairs

Classic beach chairs are popular for its suitable height which prevents you from sitting on the bare sand and allows you to rest your feet to feel the cool water and sand.

  • Kids' beach chairs

Kids would cheer up if they have their own chairs to have fun by the sea. Many brands now begin to attract their little consumers with interesting themes. For example, kids beach chairs have animals pictures on the back like fish, butterfly and so on.

  • Extra features

If you have decided what kind of beach chairs you prefer, it’s time to decide some special features. Common features like the cup holder, footstool and headrest are commonly seen in every pool chair. Some even add extra pockets to accommodate beach necessities such as suncream, snacks, sunglasses, etc. Some might add a built-in canopy if you don’t love bathing in the sun.


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