Air Fryer Reviews to Find out the Best Air Fryer

Author:Ameenah | TIME:September 13,2018

Oil-fried food is highly favored by many people, but it can also do harm to our health. Air fryer, which cooks food with hot air instead of oil, soon gains momentum in the modern kitchen. Some people take it as the alternative of an oven. 

Part 1. Air Fryer vs Oven

Although the air fryer is getting more and more popular, they still have some advantages and disadvantages compared with an oven .


  • Efficient & easy to operate

As oven has to warm up for about 10-30 minutes before it starts making delicious food, it could be difficult for starters to manage the cooking time and kind of time-consuming. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as preheating for an air fryer. You just need to put the ingredients in it and you would have your food after about 20 minutes.

  • Compact size

An air fryer usually takes less space than an oven of similar size to a rice cooker, which is perfect for a small kitchen. It is also convenient for putting away after using it.  

  • Less oil & healthy

An air fryer works to drive fat and water in the food with hot wind. Eating food cooked by an air fryer could prevent you from ingesting too much fat, thus having a healthier diet. This is also what an air fryer boasts.   

  • Easy to clean

As an air fryer, with detachable fry basket, uses less oil than an oven, it will take you less time and effort to clean. 


  • Higher price

The best air fryer does not always indicate the highest price, but an air fryer is generally cost more. They could be twice more expensive than an oven.

  • Less cooking space & limited dishes

The compact size makes it easy for storage, but also leave less space for cooking, especially for large families or for treating guests. And it is unable to cook many dishes.

  • Less delicious

Air fryers do drive fat away, but water molecule is also gone, which makes it not so delicious as fried food made with an oven.

If you are not so harsh on the taste of food, an air fryer is still recommendable. After all, healthy food should be given priority. People might find it difficult choosing the best air fryer among a great number of appliances in the market. That is why we write this air fryer reviews.

Part 2. The Best Air Fryer to Choose

#1 Philips HD9240/94 Avance XL Digital Airfryer


Philips has long been a reputable and reliable brand in home appliances industry, so is the air fryer. Philips HD9240/94 Air Fryer is considered one of the best air fryer options. It applies its patented Starfish technology. Whatever put into the fryer is surrounded by constant circulating heat. Even the chips or meat piles up, they could still be heated and fried evenly. This digital air fryer ,equipped with a clear screen and a smart touchpad, allows you to choose your preferred time and temperature and does all the following things after you press the intelligent preset button. It is not only able to bake but also grill, roast and steam. More than 200 recipes are available to satisfiy you and your family’s different needs. The inner space is as large as 2.65 pounds, perfect to feed up to 4 person. The detachable drawer and basket could be put into a dishwasher, which spares you the trouble of cleaning after enjoying a delicious meal.



Patented Starfish Technology for even heat distribution and fast cooking

Various cooking method: bake but also grill, roast and steam

Cook for 4 person

Dishwasher-friendly drawer and food basket


Cook only one thing at a time and not proper for large families.

#2 GoWISE USA Programmable Air Fryer


GoWISE aims to provide products that make your life easier and healthier. GoWISE products have gained ETL and FDA approval, so does this air fryer. It applies rapid air technology which requires no oil to cook whatever you like, making the food healthier. There are 8 preset models for chips, chicken, steak, shrimp, pork, cake and fish. You just need to press a button. You could decide to set the temperature range from 170F to 400F and time range from 1 to 30min. They are clearly displayed on the digital screen. The timer and the indicator light will remind you when the food is ready. And after 20 seconds, the air fryer fan will stop. With the removable basket and an easy-grip handle, you could easily transfer your food from the cooking pan to the plate without getting scalded. GoWISE provides a recipe book that contains 50 recipes, proper for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or whatever. 


Size: 12 x 8 x 8 in

ETL and FDA approval

rapid air technology

8 preset models

Temperature range: 170F to 400F

Time range: 1 to 30min

Removable basket and easy-grip handle


Coating on the pan and the fryer basket would peel after using for a period of time.

#3 Power Air Fryer


Power Air Fryer claims that having it seems to have a professional chef at home, as it could make a variety of food for you, such as French fries, chicken, steak, roast meat, waffle, pie, pudding and so on. In this way, you could put away all your baking pans, deep fryers, a grill pan, oven or other appliances and leave yourself a tidy and clean kitchen. Rapid Air Technology brings heat to run around your food. Within a short time, you could have delicious food with deep-fry taste even if you add no oil to it. The food basket is able to carry 5.3Qt with non-stick coating, enough to support several people. There are 7 preset programs for you to bake, fry, steam or toast by simply pressing a button. You could set up the time manually or turn on the auto-shut digital timer. 1700w power system could heat up to 400 degrees and the temperature is highly visible on the digital screen. This air fryer is equipped with a cool-down and easy-grip handle for you to transfer dishes. 


Capacity: 5.3Qt

7 preset programs

Non-stick coating food basket

Auto-shut digital timer

1700w power system

cool-down and easy-grip handle


Some complaint about taking stuff out to shake it or turn it over, too troublesome to continue cooking.

Customers found it difficult to remove the removable frying basket.

#4 Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer


Secura Electric Air Fryer is able to contain as much as 5.3qt food and provide 1700w power, one of the largest fryers on the market. This is a perfect alternative of an oven as it could fry, roast, grill, reheat, and bake. The convection technology allows you to evenly fry your food without oil. It is easy to use with adjustable temperature from 180°to 400°to cook a variety of food. The 60-minute timer will automatically shut down when the food is done. The indicator will remind you to pay attention to whether you have shut off the fryer for safe use. Pan and metal basket could be removed for you to clean them easily or put it in the dishwasher. If you decide to place an order, you will receive grilling rack, skewers and a series of recipes. 


Large capacity

Various cooking method

Temperature range: 180°to 400°

60-minute timer & indicator light

Removable pan and metal basket

Bonus accessories: grilling rack, skewers and recipes


No screen

Difficult to figure out time


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