How to Buy an Alarm Clock

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Why do I need an alarm clock? Some people might argue that buying an alarm clock is just a waste of money as they use their mobile phone to wake them up. But the fact is that, when they bring their mobile phones into their bedroom, they just can’t help keep browsing online or chatting with others after setting the time. Consequently, they’re so sleepy and deep in sleep that the ringtone at a low audio level fails to wake you up. Additionally, today’s digital alarm clock could tell more than time, including date, day, or temperature.

In this passage, we have gone through all the similar products, seeking for the best alarm clock for you if you would like to ditch the clock on your mobile phone.

Part 1. Best Alarm Clock for Desk

#1 Travelwey Home LED

Travelwey Home LED

This is the best alarm clock ranking in desk and shelf clocks. Travelwey Home alarm clock adheres to the simple but practical design. Unlike those complicated clocks, this one claims to be user-friendly for people of all age, children, teenagers and even the old with only a few buttons.

The compact size of 165mm x 70mm x 50mm is suitable for night table or desk. The LED screen makes the numbers highly visible even in the evening. You don’t have to worry that it is too bright to fall asleep, because the long and adjustable slider on the top of this digital alarm clock allows you to change the brightness. You can choose to switch to the illuminating model for bedtime reading or night light model to accompany your little baby in the dark.

The main task of this alarm clock is certainly to wake you up. High or low volume is available and it will keep ringing for 5 minutes until you get up to turn it off. If you are too tired to get up but don’t want to be late, just press the long slider that is used to adjust the brightness and it will ring again every 9 minutes, but remember to get up to turn it off, or you will still get late.  

The alarm clock is powered by either electric plug or two AAA batteries. That is to say, the alarm will keep working in spite of power cut.  

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Part 2. Best Alarm Clock for Children

#2 hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock is far more attractive than the other digital alarm clock peers with a cute and colorful clock. If you have a child or love lovely things, you must like it. The clock could give out 8 colored lights like blue, green, red and so on, perfect for decorating your room or your desk, but colored lights are not recommended when sleeping.

It is equipped with a warm LED light which will become brighter and brighter 30 minutes before the alarm rings. It simulates a morning sunrise to wake you up gently and softly. The gentle light is also suitable as a night light. Unlike the traditionally unpleasant shrill, you could customize the ringtone to wake you up, like bird calls, wave sound or cradle song, etc. After you are waken up by the natural sound, you could choose to take another 5-minute snooze.

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock, powered by USB charger or batteries, is not simply a clock. It also acts as an FM radio. You could decide your favorite radio program.

This digital alarm clock in the size of 3.9” x 6.8” x 7.2” features a large LED screen display 12-hour or 24-hour time setting. 

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Part 3. Best Alarm Clock for Projection

#3 Mpow Projection Alarm Clock

Mpow Projection Alarm Clock

Mpow alarm clock ranks the first on Amazon’s projection alarm clock list. The 5-in clock is able to project time to the wall or ceiling within 1.6 to 10 miles. You could adjust the angle from -30°to 90°.  The screen brightness could be adjustable from off, low light, medium light to bright light. When turning off the screen display, the alarm clock will project time to the screen. You could read the time by glancing at the ceiling when you wake up even without glasses.

It allows you to set two separate clocks and wake you up with your favorite radio or buzzer. If you want to take a snooze, another 5 minutes is OK.

Mpow FM radio saves as many as 15 programs. Preset a sleep timer and just feel free to listen to music, news broadcasting or weather report while lying in the bed. The clock will shut down by itself even if you have been asleep.  

This digital alarm clock is a plug-in electric or battery-powered clock. The USB port at the back could charge your phone. Every Mpow product is guaranteed a 45-day refund and 18-month warranty. User’s manual is also available online.

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Part 4. Best Alarm Clock for Weather Monitoring

#4 AcuRite Alarm Clock 

AcuRite Alarm Clock

This is the best alarm clock in weather monitoring clocks, which features a indoor temperature and humidity display besides time, date, the day of the week and moon phase. With the help of the number, you will be able to improve your indoor environment and live a more comfortable life.  

When time is up, the alarm clock will gradually raise in volume every two minutes so as not to wake you up with a start. The snooze button spares you extra time before you are fully awake.

The colored digital screen with auto-dimming setting displays. When you are sleeping, the USB port could also charge your phone. It will remember the time and alarm setting even if you unplug it or cut the power. The manufacturer provides a one-year limited warranty so that you could feel free to purchase it. 

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Final words

We can see that digital alarm clock nowadays works more effective and efficient than that in the past. The best alarm clock should not be the most expensive one but the most suitable one. We recommend you an alarm clock hoping that you will learn to better manage your time without your phone. When you get rid of indulging in your mobile phone, then you will live a healthier and more efficient life. 


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