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A can opener is one of the necessities in the kitchen, but some people hate it because its sharp edge often hurts them. The time when you have to rely on manual can opener has gone. High-tech kitchen devices begin to take a dominant position, so does can opener. If you have no idea about how to use a can opener, you could turn to an electric one which would automatically remove your bottle cap by simply pressing the button. Some of them could even do more than a can opener can do. Some might complain that the can opener might get blunt after several times of use. It warned us that you should not be too careful to choose a can opener. In this passage, we have gone through a variety of products available on the market in order to find out the best can opener for you by taking its sharpness, performance and features.

Part 1. Best Manual Can Opener

#1 ZYLISS Lock N' Lift Can Opener 


Zyliss lock-n-lift manual can opener is listed as the best can opener on Amazon. It is compatible with cans of all kinds of sizes. It is featured with an ergonomic design so that it will make it comfortable in holding but also efficient and effective in opening the jars. The stainless-steel blade could fulfill the job in seconds. The soft grips on the handles make it comfortable to hold and prevent your hands from slipping.

The locking mechanism could hold the grip for you. You just need to clamp the top of the can and switch the lever to the locking position. By turning the can opener horizontally and smoothly, it will perfectly cut the can around. After cutting off the top and releasing the locking mechanism, the can opener will leave the can. At the same time, the magnet in the front can help you easily remove the cover. The magnet lever will release the lid when you are ready to remove it. During the whole process, you don’t have to even touch the lid so as to eliminate the chance of getting hurt and getting your hands dirty. Although it is a manual can opener, it requires less effort on the wrist than other manual ones, which is extremely suitable for those suffering arthritis.

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#2 KitchenAid Can Opener, Aqua Sky


KitchenAid remains committed to providing superior kitchen essentials and this can opener is a typical representative. The blade is made of stainless steel which is durable and strong enough to puncture and open different kinds of cans.

The can opener is equipped with an ergonomic handle so that you will grip it easily, comfortably and firmly. Just by holding the handle and the turn knob will capture the can and turn to open it.

As it might touch the food inside, in order to prolong its lifespan, you are suggested to clean it regularly. It could be easy to clean by soaking and wiping it the warm water with mild detergent. Remember to rinse it and dry it after washing.

The manufacturer has promised that you could replace the can opener with one year if there is any problem and you would receive a lifetime warranty.    

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Part 2. Best Electric Can Opener

#3 Hamilton Beach 76607ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener

This electric can opener is ranked as the best can opener on Amazon. Hamilton Beach Can Opener aims to add more convenience to the busy kitchen job by producing this easy-to-use can opener. It is coated by sleek chrome, measuring only 5×4×9in. The classic black design and compact size, perfectly matching most home decoration, makes it both practical and fashionable.

This can opener is compatible with cans of standard size within seconds with an easy-to-press-down lever.  

It applies side-cut system which will prevent the blade from touching the food and prevent the food from splashing or seeping out because the jar cap won’t leave the jar until you lift the lid.

When it comes to how to use a can opener, it requires just three steps.

Place the can against the front of the opener and adjust the rim to the cutting mechanism.

Hold the lever down until it achieves a 360-degree rotation.

Remove the lid.

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How to Choose the Best Can Opener?

The best can opener should have:

  • Stainless blades which are durable and rust-proof

  • Comfortable handle. The best manual can opener is usually featured with non-slip or rubber handle.

  • Proper size. They should be tall and large enough to accommodate the largest jar you would like to open. Easy for storage is also recommended.

  • Easy-to-clean design. Can opener might touch the food when opening the can, so the best can opener should make it easy to clean. Detachable or dishwasher-friendly blades are favored.

  • Sturdy and effort-saving performance. Some users are not so strong enough to press hard on the can opener or match the can with the cut perfectly. The best can opener should spare you similar trouble.


Ask the following questions before you pay your bill:

  • Top cut or sidecut?

  • Do you have children?

If yes, choose a can opener that provides extra protection in case that it hurts your children.

  • How often would you like to clean the can opener?

A top-cut one would actually touch the food inside the can, so you have to wash it regularly. You could find blades that could be put into a dishwasher or detached. Side-cut can opener would keep itself clean because it does not touch the food inside.

  •  Are you strong enough to press hard on the can opener?

If you have suffered pain in your wrist, we would recommend you to choose the electric can opener. If you do prefer a manual one, choose one with a long and easy-to-grip handle so as to provides better leverage and requires less effort.


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