3 Best Chainsaws to Buy on Amazon

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When you are going to pruning branches or doing wood jobs, a quality chainsaw will help you get twice the result with half the effort and make your life work extremely easy. The chainsaw on the market is designed for different uses, and you need to pick the best chainsaw design for your intended use.


Chainsaws can be categorized into three different types, gas, corded electric, and cordless. Gas models will create more noise, and more maintenance will be required, but his advantages are also obvious while it is more smooth and powerful. Corded one is your budget savings, and it's far less clumsy, but obviously, you are going to get less power. The battery-equipped cordless chainsaw models are portable and can work anywhere, but you need to consider battery life.


No matter which model you want, you should keep in mind safety first. Even for adults or experienced carpenters, chainsaws can be dangerous, so keep children away from chainsaws.


Choose a safer and more reliable chainsaw. Safety features are essential, including chain brakes, blade cases, as well as anti-vibration technology. And they should be designed to limit kickbacks.


Some tips for you to ensure safety

  • Before you get the start, you need to read the tutorials or owner’s manual.

  • Make sure you have been protected by safety equipment, eye and ear protection, gloves, and other protective guards.

  • If there is something wrong with the chainsaw, stop and shut down the chainsaw to check and fix the problem. Get repaired if necessary.

With the information mentioned above in mind, we have pick 3 best chainsaws in 2018 to help you make a wise decision. If you’re a logger, landscaper or a homeowner looking for best chainsaw on Amazon, read on.



Best Cordless(Battery-Powered) Chainsaw


Despite the battery-powered electric chainsaw, best BLACK + DECKER LCS1240 12" 40V cordless chainsaw stands out for its powerful cutting capability and better maneuverability.

The 40V MAX lithium-ion battery providing over 60 4x4 pine lumber cuts on average per single charge, allows this best cordless chainsaw to run longer. Even if the battery is exhausted, the performance of this best electric chainsaw will not be reduced. Thanks to an Oregon bar and chain, smooth and fast cuts will be allowed because of less vibration.

The automatic oiling system can do you a favor to ensure the constant bar and chain lubrication, while the full wrap around handle provides increased control and comfort and make it easy to cut in different orientations. It’s backed by a two-year warranty.



An automated lubrication system is advantageable.

It is easy to use and maneuverable for the chain and blade can be tensioned easily.

it's relatively light and easy to use.

Its handle has a full wrap around for comfortable cutting.

Work well on domestic cutting jobs


battery powered, The chainsaw is not the perfect one for heavy cutting jobs.

The chainsaw consumes more oil, constant refills will be needed.


Budget Pick: Worx 14.5 Amp Best Electric Chainsaw

WORX WG303.1.jpg

If you don't have enough budget, WORX WG303.1 is one of the best Electric chainsaws under $100. This chainsaw offers a combination of high performance and economy, while reliable14.5 Amp motor delivers a cutting performance comparable to that of a gas chainsaw for homeowners.

Although you spend less, the WORX still has important features, including chain brakes, ergonomic handles, automatic chain oilers, and automatic chain tensioners. WORX patented auto-tension chain system let you replace the chain without a tool and even a person without any lumberjack experience can easily handle this best chainsaw.

At a mere 11 pounds, it's light enough to handle with less effort. It comes with 3 years warranty.


It's light in weight

Plenty of power

Ergonomically designed and super easy to use

Chain tensioning system works well

Quieter compared to gas chainsaws

Limit to kick back


A power cord

Have to stop several minutes to tighten

The automatic chain tensioner not easily tightened

Use thicker oil



The Husqvarna 460 Rancher (Gas Powered)


There are many chainsaw brands on the market to choose from, Founded in 1689 in Sweden, Husqvarna has a solid history and reputation that no competitors can compare. Husqvarna makes several classes of best chainsaws while The 460 is the more powerful one for farm and ranch.

This chainsaw work as a robust all-round saw with a longer guide bar, perfect for doing demanding and heavy cutting jobs. Equipped with patented X-torq airflow system can make all but the finest debris away from the filter, ejecting out particles so that it's convenient for cleaning and replacement of the air filter.

Forged 3-piece crankshaft make this best chainsaw for farm reach to maximum durability for the toughest cutting. But it is bulky and heavy. After a day of wood jobs, you will definitely grow weary.


Has good power and ergonomics

Cut through huge trees easily

Longer bar


Leaks bar oil

More pull to start



If you are a sawyer who always do the wood job, or you are engaged in cutting wood, ice, or tree felling, the best chainsaw mentioned in this article can make your work more efficient and easier. Hope this article can help you pick a chainsaw that fit you them the most. We are a team of passionate people and want to help you pick the best product to buy on Amazon.

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