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Author:Ameenah | TIME:September 26,2018

Fabric softener is used in the rinse when washing clothes in order to protect and soften your clothes. It is considered to be a post laundry aid while laundry detergent is used to remove dirt and stains. Fabric conditioner is not always necessary. It depends on what you are washing and how you dry it. 

In the dry indoor environment(for example, heated by central heating), if you dry polyester fleece and other synthetics in the dryer, they will generate static electricity. If you apply fabric softener sheet, you will find your clothes easier to wear, fold and put away. However, if you are washing cotton clothes, applying fabric softener will reduce the absorbency of the fabrics.

There are two kinds of popular fabric softener: liquid fabric softener or fabric softener sheets. We have listed the best fabric softener below including liquid ones and sheets to help you make the best decision.

#1 Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets

Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets

Bounce produces this fabric softener sheets in a bid to fight against wrinkles, static and odor. Bounce only provides only one fragrance at the beginning, but you will found 5 flavors today, which is free of perfume or dyestuff. It is safe for both gas and electric dryers. After you have toss laundry in the dryer, you could put in a sheet and turn on the dryer. You could discard it or recycle for other household use after applying it to your clothes. There are totally 240 sheets in a box, which is convenient for outdoor use if you bring a portable washing machine.

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#2 Downy Ultra April Fresh Liquid Fabric Softener 

Downy Ultra April Fresh Liquid Fabric Softener

Downy fabric softener is highly favorable in liquid fabric softener. It is able to soften, freshen and protect your clothes.

This fabric conditioner will prevent your clothes from stretching. Your favorite clothes will remain the same even after drying in the dryer. You will be able to dress in the best condition when attending some important events, such as meetings, parties or weddings.

Clothes in dark color could fade out sometimes, but with Downy fabric softener, your clothes will remain the same color after doing the laundry.

Putting clothes in a washing or drying machine could make them fuzz. Then you need to add fabric conditioner to keep it downy and smooth.

In addition to protect your clothes, fabric softener could also provide you with long-lasting and pleasant flavor. 

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#3 Febreze Fabric Softener

Febreze Fabric Softener

After washing clothes with detergent, do you think your clothes have been fully clean? Sometimes they could still produce an unpleasant smell because detergent is powerful to remove stains or dirt instead of odor. Febreze fabric softener is powerful to remove tough odors caused by pets, cooking, sports or other activities instead of covering it. If you raise pets or have smokers at home, this could be a good helper. This fabric conditioner is compatible with all machines and detergent, including soap, decolorizer or other laundry additives. 

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Do's and Don'ts of Using Fabric Softener

  • Use the proper amount of fabric softener.

Fabric conditioner contains certain chemical substances. An excessive amount could do harm to your clothes or even skin.

  • Do not apply fabric softener directly to your clothes.

Remember to pour the liquid fabric softener into the built-in dispenser of the washing machine or the dryer.

  • Do not apply fabric softener to the clothes along with detergents.

  • Do not apply fabric softener to children’s clothes. 


Although we would like our clothes to be clean and fragrant, we should not blindly apply the fabric conditioner to clothes. You have to pay attention to the material of your clothes. As clothes contact with our skin directly, safety should be given the first priority when we choose the best fabric softener.


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