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Author:Ameenah | TIME:November 30,2018

Fidget spinner also known as hand spinner is an interesting toy that keeps your hand busy, eliminating boredom, anxiety, etc. Although people are debating whether it helps to help people stay focused and reduce anxiety, fidget spinners of different shapes and sizes are still attractive to kids or young people. In order to save you time and energy in choosing the best fidget spinner, we have gone through different amazon fidget spinner options and pick out the top-ranking ones.

*MAGTIMES Rainbow Fidget Spinner 

MAGTIMES Rainbow Fidget Spinner

MAGTIMES hand spinner is the best fidget spinner on Amazon. Featuring bright color, this amazon fidget spinner looks fashionable and attractive to young people and kids. Unlike those with cold metal color, this hand spinner produces colorful rainbow effect when it spins at a high speed, which does well in cheering you up.

Made of durable stainless steel, this best fidget spinner is durable for long-time use. The metal ball bearings inside allow you to spin for up to 5 minutes, which is longer than most of the others. Imagine that when you are competing with your friends, it would be fantastic that yours lasts the longest.  

The longer time a fidget spinner spins, the better it will be. When you are feeling depressed, anxious or distracted, you would need a fidget to help you stay focused. You could keep thinking while holding it on your fingers.

If you are not satisfied with the spinner, the manufacturer promises to provide 100% money refund. 

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*Owen Kyne 12 Pack Best Fidget Spinner

Owen Kyne 12 Pack Best Fidget Spinner

This is another best fidget spinner recommended by Amazon. There are 12 pieces in a package in different colors. You could play different hand spinner each time. The fidget spinner set is also a wonderful gift for friends or kids and they could be bound to choose which one they like.

The all-in-one design stops the bearings from falling out and the spinner from breaking. Measuring 2.95 inches in diameter and 0.25 inches in thickness, this amazon fidget spinner is extremely portable for you to take it everywhere and spin it for fun whenever and wherever you feel bored.

Each spin could last for 2-3 minutes, which depends on how fast you revolve. Featuring 608 hybrid ceramic bearing with ZrO2 balls, this fidget spinner is durable and resistant to use.

Owen Kyne is suitable for many occasions, such as when you wait for the bus, want to keep yourself occupied or get rid of bad habits and so on.

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*Trianium Best Fidget Spinner

Trianium Best Fidget Spinner

Trianium hand spinner allows you to spin the gadget with one hand or both to relieve anxiety, stress, quit smoking or other bad habits and help people stay focused.

It consists of a metal frame, balancer and ball bearings. The quality material ensures this best fidget spinner to be broken. The specialized pre-lubricated oil ensures faster and longer spinning. There is a cover on and behind the bearing in case that the balls fall out. The chrome finish balls do well in rust and heat resistance.

It is suggested that this best fidget spinner is more suitable for adults and kids above 10 years old. It is a wonderful gift for children or friends as the manufacturer provides a beautiful and quality package.

Measuring 3 x 3 x 0.3 inches, you could put the spinner in the pocket and take it around. After you buy the product, you would have a one-year warranty so that you could feel assured to buy. 

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It is said that hand spinner has become less popular nowadays. However, we could see that it still has many fans around the world. They play it either for fun or for ADHD treatment. Although there are a variety of amazon fidget spinner options, you should choose the best fidget spinner. We hope that our review would help you make a wise decision.


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