GoPro Gimbal Reviews: How to Shoot GoPro videos Like a Pro!

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How to shoot GoPro videos like a pro? This is a question stuck in mind of GoPro enthusiasts. Why use the same device, the result can be so different? First ask yourself: is my video image steady? Image stabilization is needed for a good quality video, and a shaky video will bring you a lot of trouble.

The secret to making video images smooth and stable is using GoPro gimbal, which is also a way to make your GoPro video stand out from other ordinary videos

Now just forget camera shake. Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting shooting your own GoPro video, you can easily get silky smooth video images with a GoPro gimbal.

GoPro gimbal can upgrade your GoPro to a more professional camera by increasing the balance of the camera. It is definitely an indispensable electronic accessory for your GoPro, but how to choose the best hand-held gimbals for GoPro?

This article provides best GoPro gimbal for family photographer/video guy to get smooth and professional footage and reduce the negative influence by vibration and jitter.

Part 1. About GoPro Gimbal

GoPro gimbal features a 3-axis system that allows it to be more professional than other simple stabilizers because the footage you can get is more stable. But it is also more expensive than their simpler one. When you decide to buy a gimbal for GoPro, there is something to consider:

Camera weight

When you search the GoPro gimbal stabilizer online, first consider the weight of the GoPro camera. Because the stabilizers of different manufacturers have different weights, make it clear whether the gimbal can support the weight of the camera. In addition, a lightweight model can reduce the burden for you, so the lightweight GoPro stabilizer is your first choice.


Depending on your preference, you can choose between long or short handles. The hand dandles can be made of rubber, foam, and plastic, pick the GoPro gimbal you can hold comfortably so it won't slide even if your hands are sweating.

Easy setup

When you need to capture the footage right away, if you need to spend a lot of time in assembling, it can be annoying. Check how it can be installed before you buy handle gimbal for GoPro, which can save you a lot of time. Choosing those GoPro gimbal can be easily installed on your camera without tools because those who have bad memory forgetting to bring them.

Part 2.  Best GoPro Gimbal

EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal.jpg

TEVO GP-PRO 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal

The EVO GP-PRO is an advanced GoPro gimbal that is compact and offers near-professional performance for GoPro Hero3/3+, GoPro Hero4, GoPro Hero Session and more.

With Dimensions of 12 x 4 x 4 inches, EVO handheld gimbal for GoPro weights only 1.3 pounds, can be easy to be placed in the backpack.

3 Stabilization Modes is available for you, including pan follow mode, lock mode, and full follow mode that allowing you to shoot cinematic-like footage.

When pan follow mode is activated, it means that the tilt and roll axes are locked and the Pan axis works with the wrist. The tilt angle of the GoPro camera is determined by how you use the joystick. In lock mode, GoPro gimbal will lock the tilt, scroll and pan axes. Manually control pan and tilt with the joystick. The last mode locks the scroll axis, the pan and tilt axes follow the handle smoothly.

EVO GP-PRO GoPro Gimbal is easy to set up, you are not required for assembling skill. The GP-PRO is equipped with a built-in charging cable designed to extend the battery life of the GoPro camera effectively. There is a good new that GoPro Hero3 / 4 is allowed to transmit the video to the external display because the handle has a 3.5mm AV output jack.

The Feiyu Tech G4 Handheld gimbal for gopro.jpg

The Feiyu Tech G4 Handheld gimbal for GoPro HERO4, HERO3/ 3 +

Weighting 1 pounce, The Feiyu Tech G4 is a reliable compact GoPro gimbal for HERO3/ 3 +, HERO4, and other similar sports cameras.

The G4-QD is easy to use with a single button control system, you can control it with one hand. You won't see G4-QD GoPro gimbal has a lot of wire, so it's pretty clean, which makes it the best GoPro gimbal.

The handheld gimbal for GoPro requires 2 rechargeable batteries to work, but the surprise is that it comes with 4 rechargeable batteries, which guarantees long shots. In addition, GoPro Gimbal can be a source of power for GoPro when power is low. A full charge should provide approximately 90 minutes of run time.

The bottom of the Feiyu thread allows it to be connected to the several extension bars to get a selfie video easily.

ROXANT PRO Best GoPro Gimbal.jpg

ROXANT PRO Best GoPro Gimbal

The Roxant gimbal weighs 1.83 pounds and features a more competitive price and excellent structure and design. With it, you can shoot and get stable video images like a professional.

The GoPro camera stabilizer is suitable for GoPro or any camera up to 2.1 lbs, what’s more, you can precisely adjust 3 independent counterweights to generate stable scenes, even for complex scenes such as cars, walking/running/skating scenes, etc.

Not only does ROXANT PRO work very well, but it also feels great in hands. The gimbal handle has excellent texture grip allowing it feels soft in hands. The compact design makes the ROXANT PRO Best GoPro Gimbal suitable for small travel backpacks for remote shooting without adding too much weight.

If you need a more stable movie shot within budget, try ROXANT PRO Best GoPro Gimbal.


Gimbal is designed for action cameras to stabilize video recording, so quality handheld gimbal for GoPro is one of the most import accessories for a more professional shoot. Each Best GoPro gimbal is great that you can buy right now.

Lastly, hope you've found useful information on buying a GoPro camera.


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