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Author:Ameenah | TIME:January 11,2019

Ladies love hair cutting&styling, but it is also a time- and money-wasting job to visit a salon frequently. Many of them start to style hair on their own with a curling iron. Do you have a full understanding of this self-helping hair curler? Here are the best curling iron review and buying guide. 

Bed Head Curling Iron 

Bed Head Curling Iron 

Bed Head ranks as the best curling iron on Amazon. It is featured with a 1” barrel which is friendly to either novice or skillful person because 1” barrel is considered to be the best hair styling tool for any length of hair. This width could make natural tight curls.

Tourmaline, Ceramic Technology creates your favorite hairstyle but perfectly avoid frizz. Your hair would still look shiny and silky after using it.

This curling iron could reach up to 400°F so as to make it more convenient to change the form of your hair while doing less harm to it. It supports dual voltage

The clamp-free hair curler leaves no trace so that you could feel free to go after you have wrapped your hair.

The swivel power cord measures 6 feet, eliminating the trouble of winding.

The manufacturer provides a heat protective glove for safer use.

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CONAIR Curling Iron

CONAIR Curling Iron

Conair curling iron aims to create natural and beautiful waves and curls.

The conical barrel ranges from 1-inch to 1/2-inch. You could choose to have tighter to looser curls.

As there are no clamps, you just need to twist your hair around the barrel, hold it, release and you would have a new hairstyle.

The tourmaline ceramic technology perfectly reduce frizz and make your hair shine naturally by eliminating static electricity

Once plugged in, the curling iron would heat up to 400°F within 30 seconds, which is quite efficient. You don’t have to wait for a long time to dress yourself up and get late for your date.

There are 5 heating settings which allow you to change manually. The LED light tells which temperature level you are at. If you leave it unused for a long time, it would shut off automatically in case of energy waste and any unexpected accidents.

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Remington Pro Curling Iron

Remington Pro Curling Iron

Remington Pro hair curler aims to make salon-level hairstyle by yourself.

The 1”-1½”tapered barrel makes big and loose curls. The barrel covered with pearl ceramic coating makes this iron not only looks more elegant and professional but also smoother, tougher and more durable.  

There are 9 separate heating settings so that you could choose the most suitable temperature for your hair. It would heat up to 410°F within 30 seconds and you could start styling.

The digital control allows you to see clearly what heating level you are at instead of keep trying and guessing, which might destroy your hairstyle.

The iron would automatically shut off after 60 seconds in case that you burn your hair.

The heat-protective glove adds extra security to heat and curls your hair.

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How to Choose a Curling Iron

  • Decide the size of your barrel

The width of a curling iron ranges from 3/8” to 2” and they create different types of curls. Generally, small width creates tight curls while large creates loose.

The type of your hair also matters when deciding on the barrel. Thin, flat hair should be more compatible with a smaller barrel because it won’t make your hair look untidy even if it loses its shape during the day. By contrast, large curls made by large barrel make your thick hair look more natural.

  • Heat setting

Different types of hair require different heat settings. Thick hair is able to bear higher temperature while thin hair needs the lower temperature in case that it burns and hurts.

The best curling iron should be featured with adjustable heat settings, just as what we recommend above.  

  • Shape of the curling iron

Taper barrels: they usually has a smaller end and extends to be wide to the middle, which makes precise curls. With a taper iron, you could choose different parts to make thicker or thinner curls, just as the hair curler we recommend.

Straight barrels: They are one of the most common barrels that make uniformed curls.

Pearl barrels: They have small pearls or balls at the end. It makes no perfect shape but that looks more natural.

Flat irons: They act as both straightener and curler, suitable for both long and short hair.


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