Top 3 Hot Glue Gun Choices

Author:Ameenah | TIME:October 12,2018

Hot glue gun could stick two things together like paper, glass, wood and so on so that it is widely used in industrial manufacturing and family setting. Whether you are crafting a machine, enthusiastic in DIY or professional in home improvement, you will find that hot glue gun could help a lot. When choosing the best hot glue gun, you have to consider the power and temperature of the hot glue gun which depends on whether you are doing large projects or small ones.

1. How do Hot Glue Gun Work?

The glue gun works by heating the glue stick until it melts. Push the unmelted portion of the glue stick down into the melting chamber. After the melting chamber heats up, the harden glue stick got liquified.

The melted hot glue is passed through the dispenser by a trigger or manually and then pushed outward through the pointed nozzle. The melted glue could stick two parts together firmly. The molten adhesive will drip from the nozzle, especially when the gun is not in use for a few seconds, so you’d better put it on a tray, aluminum foil or scrap cardboard. Once you unplug or turn off the hot glue gun, the adhesive will re-harden in the melting chamber. You have to heat it up and melt it before the next use.

2.Best Mini Hot Glue Gun

*1 Cccbetter Upgraded Mini 20-watt Hot Melt Glue Gun

Cccbetter Upgraded Mini 20-watt Hot Melt Glue Gun

CCBETTER is ranked as the best hot glue gun on Amazon. This hot glue gun is suitable for fixing broken things, designing some practical or unique patterns or making art projects.

This hot glue gun is made of plastic and aluminum. It works at 20W, ideal for family use. The heat-up process takes 3-5 minutes. The smart temperature control design will keep it remain at the proper temperature. It will cool down once it outflows and touches the surface.

The detachable ABS shell protecting you from getting burnt even if you touch it. The LED indicator will remind you whether the hot glue is on/off.

The trigger and pushes the hot glue smoothly and quickly, making no waste of the glue stick. The insulated nozzle prevents it from deforming even at the temperature up to 500℉.

The package includes 30 sticky 5.3” glue stick. It is made of eco-friendly material so that it is safe for even children.

The manufacturer promises to return all your money if you are not satisfied with the product.  


*2 H-195F Specialty 20 Watt Mini Size Hot Glue Gun

H-195F Specialty 20 Watt Mini Size Hot Glue Gun

Surebonder has long been studying glues applying to wood, plastic, metal, fabric, paper, etc. This is another mini hot glue gun powered by 20W, 60W or 100W power, running at dual temperature. You could choose proper power and temperature according to your project. The power light indicates whether you have turned the gun on or off.

The ergonomic rubber trigger and the handle makes it resistant to shock and erosion.

The built-in fuse ensures that the gun won’t get overheating. It is featured with an auto-shutdown function if it is left unused for 30 minutes.

When you put the hot glue gun aside, the side fins allow it to stand sturdy so that hot glue won’t get back up. It is compatible with two types of insulated nozzles, DT-360F and DT-3100F.


3.Best Full-size Hot Glue Gun for Family Use

*3 Cobiz Full Size Hot Glue Gun

Cobiz Full Size Hot Glue Gun

Cobiz believes that everyone could be a DIY talent in life. That’s why they launch this full-size hot glue gun. While mini hot glue gun always produces stringy glue, this one will not as it is powered by both 60W and 100W power. The two power options make it possible to do not only elaborate handwork but also manufacturing at the factory level. 

The unique Germanic ceramic PTC heating system allows it to heat up in 1-3 minutes. The nozzle, made of copper, is durable to prevent it from deforming. The intelligent temperature control and the built-in fuse prevents overheating.

The hot glue gun features a stable stand so that you put it aside without falling down and pick it up safely anytime anywhere. The textured surface of the handle makes it easy and comfortable to hold.

The package includes only 10 11mm × 200mm glue sticks. In order to save the sticks, you have to choose proper power, for example, 60W for small projects and 100W for large projects.


Dos and Don’ts of Using Hot Glue Gun

Do Not use the hot glue gun in a humid or high-temperature environment.

Do Not touch the hot nozzle and liquid glue.

Do Not disassemble the hot glue gun

Do Not take out the remaining glue stick after use. Just insert a new one the next time.

Do Not clog the nozzle.

Do keep it away from children

Do remember to cut off the power after use.


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