Best MacBook Pro keyboard cover and Protector

Author:Max | TIME:September 27,2018

If you have a MacBook Pro, the letters on the keyboard will disappear over time. It seems to be not a big deal for MacBook Pro which has been used for a long time without cover, but when it's a new one, I think a keyboard cover matters for those want their keyboard keeping new as long as possible. If so, buy a keyboard cover for your MacBook Pro requiring extra Protection for the keys.

In addition to sweat and dust Protection, MacBook Pro keyboard cover can also work as a keyboard Protector to Protect your keyboard from debris, such as food debris. This way your MacBook Pro keyboard can stay as brand new as you just bought it.

Now, check out our guides to the best MacBook Pro cover or Protector.

UPPERCASE Clear Soft TPU Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro.jpg

UPPERCASE Clear Soft TPU Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro

If you are looking for MacBook Pro keyboard cover, The UPPERCASE soft keyboard cover is clear and can be contaminated with spilled drinks and food debris from your MacBook Pro keyboard. It works with MacBook Pro 13 15 17 Inch for those who are looking for simple and unobtrusive designs.

The transparent keyboard cover does not change the look and feel of the notebook and does not interfere with the keyboard backlight.

Made of high-grade thermoplastic polyurethane, this keyboard Protector for MacBook Pro is only 0.18mm thick, soft enough, thin and easy to clean.

this MacBook Pro skin does not work well with Regular MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

DHZ Rainbow Macbook Pro Keyboard Cover .jpg

DHZ Rainbow Macbook Pro Keyboard Cover 

DHZ rainbow Macbook Pro keyboard cover features different prints and patterns which is a wise choice for you to use it as a dust Protector. DHZ skin Perfectly fit for your MacBook Pro 13 15 and 2015 or Older Version, but it’s not suitable for all 2016 latest MacBook Pro 13 15 including A1706 /7/8.

With DHZ rainbow MacBook Pro keyboard Protector Protect your laptop from spills and dust. When it's dirty, you can disassemble it and clean it to keep it always a new 100% food grade silicone. Say goodbye to drinks or food spills.

In addition to keeping your keyboard fresh, its beautiful colors and patterns can make your laptop more stylish.

KEC Keyboard Cover Skin for New MacBook Pro.jpg

KEC Keyboard Cover Skin for New MacBook Pro 

This KEC MacBook Pro keyboard cover is suitable for

  • New MacBook Pro 13" & Pro 15"

  • Pro 13 "(A1989 / A1706)

  • Pro 15" (A1990) / A1770).

But unfortunately, it does not support 

  • Pro 13 without Touch Bar "(2018/2017/2016),

  • Pro 13 with CD drive",

  • Air 13,

  • Pro 13/15 "Retina,

  • Pro 15" with CD drive,

  • Pro 17.

The KEC MacBook Pro keyboard skin fits the buttons, and when you press the keys on the keyboard, it doesn't seem to be the same as the one without the keyboard Protector.

But it's all-round Protection to keep your MacBook Pro perfect. The MacBook Pro keyboard cover has a special pattern that allows each of your keys is printed differently.

Thanks to the spill-Proof and dust-Proof and splash-Proof design, it Protects your keyboard from coffee, tea or unidentified drinks. At the same time, this MacBook Pro keyboard cover keeps the keyboard away from soot.

It is made of high-quality silicone material and can be repeatedly cleaned and recycled. Environmentally friendly silicone materials are RoHS compliant and non-toxic to humans.

At the same time, The KEC MacBook Pro keyboard Protector is flexible, not easily deformed and more durable.

When you need a keyboard cover, you only need soapy water to clean it.  After drying, put it back on the keyboard.

With a thickness of only 0.3 mm, the KEC MacBook Pro keyboard cover feels great and makes you feel comfortable when typing.


The MacBook Pro keyboard cover is a common accessory for laptops responsible for Protecting expensive computers from food and spilled liquids. Generally, MacBook Pro keyboard skin works as dust and sweat Protector.

Above are 3 best Macbook Pro keyboard covers that we recommend, hope you will find this article helpful when you want to buy a MacBook Pro keyboard Protectors.


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