Makeup Sponge: Assistant for Perfect Makeup

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There is a series of makeup tools for putting on makeup. Some choose to apply makeup foundation with fingers or brushes. However, fingers are not advisable in order to make our makeup look natural while brushes are more suitable for powders. Makeup sponge is a good assistant in putting on base makeup because it is could be used both dry and wet for applying powder or cream.

Porousness is one of the most important factors that decide the best beauty blender. Beauty blenders should be absorbent because you have to moisturize it, but they can’t have visible holes because it will absorb your cosmetics too. The best beauty blender should look textured but feel smooth on the face.

Part 1. What is the Best Makeup Sponge?

* BEAKEY 5 Pcs Makeup Sponge Set

BEAKEYMakeup Sponge

This is ranked as the best beauty blender for the makeup sponge. It is suitable for all kinds of cosmetics including makeup base, foundation, BB cream, or any other powder and liquids.

This makeup sponge is made of non-latex material but still comfortable and elastic to hold. The material is friendly to all skin type, so you don’t have to worry about allergy even if you have sensitive skin.

It could be used dry and wet. It will easily absorb water when you wet it, but it does not absorb and waste your cosmetics.

The teardrop-shape makeup sponge is dedicated to creating flawless makeup. The round bottom is used for large areas like cheeks, forehead. The round side fits the nose and chin while the tapered end is perfect for nosewing, the skin around eyes and lips

There are 5 pieces of beauty blenders of different colors in a package. BEAKEY sell all its products with its brand logo on packages. If there is any problem with the beauty blenders, you could have a 100% money refund.

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* Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Makeup Sponge

 Real Techniques Makeup Sponge

This Aesthetica Makeup Sponge is another beauty blender recommended by Amazon. It is made of revolutionary foam that contains no latex, aiming to provide you with seamless and flawless makeup. The antimicrobial foam reduces the risk of getting allergic.

It is so versatile so that it is suitable for applying power, cream or liquid. it could be used dry or wet. When you dip the cosmetics, it will remain on the surface of the sponge instead of entering deep into it. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about cosmetics waste.

The bottom of the makeup sponge is cut flat, thus perfect for dabbing large areas on the face. The round side and cutting-edge is designed for hard-to-reach corners.

Aesthetica beauty blenders have received a warm welcome from girls and ladies around the world. The package includes two pieces for you to replace every 1-3 months.

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* KOOBA Round Makeup Sponge

KOOBA Round Makeup Sponge

This is a beige round makeup sponge, measuring 2.0" (Dia) X 0.27"(H).

It is made of Japan NBR material which makes the sponge feel soft and smooth when applied to the face.

It could be used dry or wet for all kinds of cosmetics, including powder, cream or liquid.

It is easy to clean. NBR material prevents the cosmetics from entering deep inside the makeup sponge, but you are still suggested to clean it every week. Wash it with cleaning water so as to remove cosmetic residue. Rinse it under water and air dry it in ventilated places in order to prevent germs and bacteria from growing. They love the damp environment.  

The package includes two pieces and one travel case. The compact size allows you to take it everywhere along with you. 

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Part 2. How to Use Makeup Sponge?

You could choose makeup sponge in different shapes for different areas on your face. For example, round and big makeup sponge for large areas like cheek, forehead or chin. Square and small makeup sponge for small corners like nosewing, the skin under the eyes, etc. If you want to make it simple, you could choose beauty blenders which have either plump or slim parts for your face. For example, the round and large portion of an egg-like or gourd-shape makeup sponge is for large areas while the smaller tapered end for small corners.

In order to have a seamless finish, it is suggested to wet the makeup sponge and squeeze out extra water because water helps the makeup sponge run smoothly on your face. If you are going to put on cream, squeeze it out on the back of your empty hand. Dip a little amount of cream and dab it on your face. Do not swipe it around your face because it will make your makeup look rough. By consistently dotting on your face with the little amount each time until it covers the whole face, it will prevent you from applying too much cream or power to your face.  

Part 3. Dos & Don’ts of Using Makeup Sponge

  • Do wash your makeup sponge regularly.

Wash the beauty blenders with water and makeup remover to prevent germs. Rinse it after use and air dry it.

  •  Do replace your makeup sponge every 1-3 months.

A makeup sponge after a long-time use could get extremely dirty. If you don’t change a new one regularly, it will do harm to your skin.

  •  Do Not smear, or drag Beauty Blenders across the skin and scrub it hard.

Rough motion does no good to either perfect makeup or the sponge itself because it will result in breakage and wear.

  •  Do Not store a makeup sponge in a dark, wet and enclosed place.

Makeup sponge is a favorable habitat for germs and bacteria, especially in the dark, wet and enclosed environment. 

Part 4. Final Words

Makeup sponge is an essential cosmetic tool. Beauty blenders could be the best way to create perfect makeup. We recommend you the beauty blenders above in a bid to bring you more convenience and cheer you up when putting on makeup. 


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