Top 3 Night Light Choices for Parents

Author:Ameenah | TIME:September 17,2018

Kids are often afraid of the dark environment, but strong fluorescent light could do harm to their eyes. And parents have to frequently get up to take care of their children at night. Then a night light is necessary for not only kids’ sleep but also parents’ convenience. Kids night lights today are designed to be interesting and attractive, considered to be a good company for kids at night. Most parents would choose a LED night light for their child, but this is not the only determinant. Let’s see what night light you should buy.

#1 Sycees SC01 Plug-in LED Night Light


This Sycees SC01 Plug-in LED Night Light ranks the first on the night light selling list. It is bright enough to help you see in the dark, but not so bright to make your eyes uncomfortable. It is not a specific kids night light, but is designed for daily household use. There is a built-in light sensor with which the night light will automatically turn on when it is dark enough and turn off when it is getting bright. It measures 7 x 3 x 2.5 inches, taking up only one outlet so that other outlets nearby are still available. LED night light is known to be power-saving and long-lasting based on 11/kWh. It is suitable for any place, such as hallways, kitchens, stairways, bathroom and so forth.

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#2 Hatch Baby Rest Night Light


This is one of the best kids night lights. This is an easy-to-use rest night light designed for a bedroom. Color, brightness and sound are under control, encouraging your baby or child to sleep better. All these could be achieved through the mobile phone without bothering a sleeping baby. A night light would make it more convenient for parents to take care of their babies while accompanying them when they start to sleep alone. As they grow up, you could preset time and brightness to remind them to get up while play different colors and songs to remind them to go to bed, perfectly cultivating the children’s independence. The remote control program is compatible with IOS 9 and Android or higher version.

#3 Night Lights for Kids


VAVA produces cute and interesting kids night lights to comfort them at night. This night light applies toy-class ABS and pp material to ensure 100% safety for kids to learn and play. The anti-blue light LED will not flicker to harm kids’ eyes. It is controlled by touching. Touch the top for 0.5 seconds and it will turn to night lighting mode for taking care of a baby or kid at night. Touch the logo twice and it will start a 1-hour timer so that your child will fall asleep in peace with the company of the night light. There is a base under the LED night light. It is used for not only charging with a connection to Micro-USB cable but also supporting the body in case of falling down. It is also powered by rechargeable batteries. It will last 6 hours under the brightest mode while 200 hours under the dimmest mode. This is both an indoor rest and outdoor lighting night light. The build silicone handle and IP65 water-resistant structure makes it a perfect camping or hiking night light. If you bring it out for outdoor lighting, you could press the button at the bottom to raise the brightness by 30%. If there is an emergency, start the SOS mode, you will give out a location signal for safety.


Kids night lights could be another good friend for a child besides toys. When you start to train your child to sleep alone, prepare them a night light which will accompany them to go through those lonely days. We wish you and child will enjoy the beauty of the night with a night light staying together with you.


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