Choose A Papasan Chair to Enjoy Your life.

Author:Ameenah | TIME:October 22,2018

Papasan chair, also called a bowl chair or moon chair, is a rounded chair shaping like a bowl with an adjustable angle. It is usually rested on an upright rattan, wicker or wooden frame.

Papasan chair is usually equipped with a thick cushion filled with cotton or other soft materials, making it comfortable to sit on. That is why so many people love it. They can rest on with enjoying chatting with friends, reading books, playing games or having a nap.

Some might think that a Papasan chair is solely designed for fun and novelty but looks uncomfortable. However, a moon chair is an advanced one of a beam bag. The thick cushion is comfortable for sit on. It is large enough for you to curl up in it so that you would feel a sense of belongings. Unlike a beam bag which you lie on for a short time and you feel tired. the back of the chair perfectly supports your spinal.

Sitting on a coach could also be comfortable. However, curling up in a bowl chair would make you feel like being hugged, making you feel comfortable and secure. Lying in a bowl chair could be an alternative to be a couch potato if you just plan to stay at home on weekends.

We have found top-ranking bowl chairs with different base and you could choose which one you prefer. 

*Urban Shop Faux Fur Papasan Chair 

Urban Shop Faux Fur Papasan Chair

This Papasan chair consists of a cushion and a metal frame. The cushion is made of 100% micro mink which is quite soft and comfortable to rest in. The frame is firmly locked, which makes it durable and safe to support as heavy as 225 pounds.

The moon chair, measuring 29''(H) x 32''(W) x 22''(D), is perfect for a child or your pet to curl up in it. If you are taller, you would rather rest your feet on the floor.  

The bowl chair takes only a few seconds to open and close. If you don’t use it, just fold it flat for easy storage and transportation.

The cover is removable and you could put it in a washing machine.

The fashionable and simple design makes it a perfect match with your home decoration. You could put it in your bedroom, living room or dorm.


*Roundhill Furniture Papasan Chair

Roundhill Furniture Papasan Chair

The bowl chair from Roundhill Furniture consists of a faux leather seat and a chrome metal base. The back of the chair is tufted by the diamond button and fine stitches. The built-in cushion makes it soft and comfy to sit on. There is a rubber ring at the bottom of the base, making the chair stand sturdy and prevent the floor from scratching.  

This swivel Papasan chair is featured with an adjustable height. The chair measures 27.5“(W) x 20”(D) x (32-38)”9(H) while the seat measures 16"(W) x 17.5"(D). The modern design makes it suitable for many places, such as dining hall, bedroom, living room, office, etc. The adjustable height is perfect for you to adjust it to your table. With the airlift design, you could tilt the papasan chair back and forth and swivel at 360 degrees.

There are 6 colors available black, white, brown, gray, red and purple. You would find you favorite color. The package includes the necessary accessories or tools to set it up.


* Outdoor Papasan Chair 

Outdoor Papasan Chair

This Papasan Chair is designed for both outdoor and indoor use. It consists of a cushion set and a wicker-weaved base. The cushion set includes one smaller cushion and one tufted cushion, which makes it extremely comfortable to lie on. The base not only features a classic appearance but also a durable structure. Even when you leave it outside, it could still resist the extreme weather.

The bowl chair measures 34”(W) x 34-3 / 4”(D) x 28”(H). the large cushion measures 47”(diameter) x 4”(H) while the smaller one measures 16”(diameter) x 3”(H).

The powder-coated metal frame could last longer than other plastic ones which is particularly suitable for outside use.

The moon chair allows a full 360-degree swivel so that you could find the most comfortable angle to enjoy the beautiful view. 



Imagine that you are curling up in a soft Papasan chair sleeping, reading or surfing the Internet on care-free weekends. How cozy and relaxing it is. That is why we recommend you the best bowl chair options above for you. We wish that it will help to enrich your life and makes life easier.  


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