Best phone Stabilizer Reviews: Smartphone Gimbal to Make Your Video Smooth

Author:Max | TIME:September 28,2018

With the new generation of smartphones, the camera of smartphones can shoot better quality videos than ever before. It's not surprising you if someone tells you there is a smartphone can shoot 4K videos, in fact, there is.

If you want to get involved in a video blogging, you can just do it with your smartphone. However, how to overcome the lens shake that makes the image distorted? Here comes the answer.

In order to make your video more quality and the image more stable, the smartphone stabilizer is your must-have electric accessory.

Here in the article are 3 phone stabilizer recommendations for you, if you are looking for the best smartphone gimbal.

DJI Phone Stabilizer OSMO Mobile

DJI Phone Stabilizer OSMO Mobile.jpg

Though Dajiang is attracting attention because of drones, and it is also leading the industry in smartphone gimbal. Osmo Mobile is a phone camera stabilizer that can upgrade your Android phone or iPhone to a smart sports camera.

This phone stabilizer is suitable for iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone SE and phones having width between 58.6 mm and 84.8 mm with maximum thickness reaching 8.4 mm.

It makes your videos smooth and professional. Use your smart features to track your themes and capture those awesome times.

Active Track technology allows DJI phone stabilizer to control your phone to capture face and automatically face you when you are moving. It can shoot Motion time-lapse videos, letting you really feel the passage of time.

Long exposures are allowed without a tripod. that means OSMO Mobile can take exposures of 1 second, which is perfect for taking clear night scenes.

Thanks to the 3-axis stabilization feature, Osmo Mobile will keep your phone stable so you can capture the fascinating starry sky when you put DJI phone stabilizer on the tripod facing the sky.

With it, you can also shoot Panorama, this is very convenient especially when you are traveling and want to take large landscape photos. In general, it automatically captures 9 photos and finally mixes them together, resulting in stunning photos.


Super smooth videos

It's compact, portable, relatively light-weight

Camera shots are nice and steady


Some of the features on APP not working well

Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Phone Stabilizer

Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Phone Stabilizer.jpg

It is suitable for smartphones and other devices up to 7.7 ounces, such as iPhone 7 / 6plus / 6, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, LG etc.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Phone Stabilizer actually is a kind of smartphone gimbal that works well on phone and GoPro. The phone camera stabilizer is only 15.5 ounces in weight, which undoubtedly allows it to provide better portability so that it can easily to carry without adding the burden of baggage.

Driven by 3 brushless motors, This smartphone gimbal lets the 3-axis achieve 360-degree infinite rotation, giving you undistorted, stable and noise-free video.

You can switch the horizontal or vertical mounting direction effortlessly, and the shooting angle will be controlled by the 4-way joystick.

In addition, download the app "ZY Play" on your Android phone or iPhone for better lens processing. You can view camera records, easily zoom in or out, automatically track your face, enable panorama mode or delay mode. These features can greatly improve your video quality, Other features are available for you to explore and experience.

The built-in battery allows it to work for 12 hours, while with the standard micro USB charging port, you can charge your smartphone when it's necessary.


The video is smooth

Compact and lightweight

No need to do any calibration except for the balancing the phone


Have to download the app on both Android and IOS

Does not come with a charger


LanParte HHG-01 Phone Stabilizer

LanParte HHG-01 phone stabilizer.jpg

The reason I recommend the LanParte HHG-01 smartphone gimbal is that it is compatible with the iPhone 6S Plus and GoPro. High compatibility allows it to support all smartphones including iPhone and Android Phone.

LanParte phone stabilizer allows you to capture smooth, stable video using your smartphone with one hand.

It features 3-Axis Powered Gimbal and 6-Axis IMU, which can keep your phone level up when you're on the move and let your video free from vibration and jitter, no matter what your situation is holding this smartphone gimbal. Even if you are riding a bicycle or skateboarding, the three-axis gimbal can stabilize the lens.

LanParte phone stabilizer comes with Battery, Protective Carrying Case, charger & Plug Adapters, counterweight, 3 clamps for regular-sized smartphones,large-sized smartphones, and GoPro respectively.



Well Performance

Value for the price

videos captured are great having no the jittery vibrations

Comfort to grip  in hand


Low Batter life



Phone stabilizer is on the market, but you may wonder which one to buy. In this article, we have selected popular and good quality phone camera stabilizer for you.

With smartphone gimbal, you can choose to shoot better quality videos. You can share videos that have no unnecessary vibrations with your friends, or those videos can be your first start with your video blog career. If you are looking for GoPro gimbals, check out this article.

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