Safety in the Bathroom: Buy the Best Shower Chair

Author:Ameenah | TIME:October 22,2018

I bet that most of you have ever tried slipping or falling down on a wet floor in the bathroom. It is widely acknowledged that the many accidents occur when taking a shower, especially for the senior.

Bathtub could be an ideal way to prevent accidents in the shower. However, it is not so practical to equip a bulky bathtub because it takes up too much space and costs a lot. Now we have a perfect alternative to a bathtub. That is buying a shower chair. A shower chair is a helpful waterproof bath aid that is universally applied in the hospitals, clinics or rehabilitation institutions so that elder people or those who have difficulties in walking or standing could take a shower on their own. If you have a senior or those suffering from back injuries, fractures or long-term disabilities, you could prepare one a bath chair at home to support and secure them in the shower.

 #1 Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat 

Medline Shower Chair

This is recognized as the best shower chair on Amazon. The shower seat measures 13.5”(D) x 16”(W) while the height of the chair could be adjusted from 16” to  21” with an increment of 1”.

This shower chair could be placed into the bathtub or under the shower head. You could sit on it while taking a shower with worrying about slipping. The backrest and the padded arms provide extra support and protection. The durable aluminum frame is strong enough to support up to 350 pounds. The non-slip feet is designed to fix the shower chair to on the wet and slippery floor. This bath chair performs well in rust resistance even, perfect for the damp bathroom.  

The item comes in spare parts, but you don’t need tools to assemble it by following the instructions. 


#2 Plastic Tub Transfer Shower Chair

Plastic Tub Transfer Shower Chair

This shower chair, also used as a tub transfer bench, aims to help the old or those who need extra support when entering and leaving the bathtub. 

The shower seat measures 18.5-19.5”(D) x 26”(W) while leg measures 23”(D) x 32” (W). The height of the adjustable from 17.5” to 22.5” so that it could fit different bathtubs.

It consists of a blow-molded plastic shower seat and aluminum frame, making it resistant and durable in the damp environment. The backrest provides extra support when taking a shower. The arm of the chair could be installed on either side according to the real need.

It is featured with an extra large suction cup at the bottom of each foot so as to prevent the shower chair from slipping, making users feel more secure.

You have to assemble the back, legs, and arm to the bench on your own, but no tools required, which is quite an easy job. 


#3 Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair 


The shower seat of this shower chair measures 16.5”(D) x 21.75” (W). The four sturdy and strong legs are able to support 350 pounds at most. The adjustable height ranges from 16 to 20.5 inches. The height indicator helps you quickly adjust it to a balanced level.

It is made of durable and tough plastic so as to eliminate your worry about rust.

The comfortable seat fits bathtubs or bathrooms of different sizes. The back, legs and arms are detachable. You could tear it down or set it up without any tool, which is quite convenient for usu and storage.

There are soft non-slip feet at the bottom of the bath chair so as to provide extra protection on the wet floor. 


Benefits of the Shower Chair

It is not an easy job to take a shower for the senior or people with standing problems. While it is relaxing for most of us, it could be dangerous for them. Preparing a shower chair could be a perfect alternative to help them enjoy the shower and eliminate the risk of slipping and falling on the floor. The benefits of the shower chair can be listed as follows:

  • Security

They might get scared and insecure when taking a shower. A bath chair would help to strengthen your confidence on the wet and slippery floor in the bathroom.

  • Self-dignity

People with disabilities or confined in a wheelchair are usually reluctant to rely on others. With the help of a shower chair, they could finish taking a shower independently, which would bring them a great sense of satisfaction and strengthen their self-dignity, helping them live a more confident life.  

  •  Hygiene 

Taking a shower during a trip could be a nightmare for those who are physically handicapped. Even if the hotel might not provide a shower chair, people might have no confidence in it. Is it clean? Is it sturdy? If they have their own shower seat, there would be no such kind of troubles.  


A shower chair could be a great surprise for elder parents or the disabled. It is a perfect bath aid to ensure their safety and help them rebuild their confidence and independence. We wish that this bath chair review would help you.



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