Choose a Bluetooth Shower Speaker to Enjoy Music in the Bathroom

Author:Ameenah | TIME:September 29,2018

Music lovers always can’t stand taking a shower quietly. They bring their phone to the bathroom because they need music, but how could they prevent their mobile phones from getting wet and damaged while enjoying listening to music? Using a waterproof phone case? No, the phone pouch is designed for ordinary use rather than listening to music because it will influence the quality and volume. If you have the same trouble, we think you need a shower speaker which you could bring everywhere, such as showering or participating in water sports. Today, Bluetooth shower speaker takes up a dominant position in today’s market.

Part 1. Why do you Need a Shower Speaker?

  • Easiness to Use

Even if you are a new beginner, using Bluetooth shower speaker will cause no trouble. Most of them are equipped with an easy-to-control button. The most important thing is to connect it to your mobile phone.

  •  Durability

Shower speaker is often designed to resist, pressure, scratch and shock compared with mobile phones, which is extremely suitable for shower, indoor or outdoor activities.

  •  Convenience

Shower speaker is often in the compact size. It will take up little space in your bathroom, your backpack or suitcase. Bluetooth shower speaker could spare you the trouble of taking your mobile phone along with you.

  • Water resistance

Shower speaker is certainly waterproof or water resistant. We recommend you to choose the best shower speaker according to your needs. If you just use it to sing or listen to music in the bathroom, a water-resistant one is enough while a waterproof one is definitely for underwater diving

  •  Versatility

Some shower speaker could be used to not only listen to music but also answer the phone calls with a single button. The built-in microphone could amplify the voice, which is convenient for talking even in noisy places. Moreover, the shower speaker could also be used even out of the water, for example, in the bedroom, doing sports or at parties. 

Part 2. What is the Best Shower Speaker?

Auto Tech Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Auto Tech Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Auto Tech shower speaker is the best shower speaker from Auto Tech. It is in compact size but gives out loud and high-quality sound. The shower speaker provides a colorful light show to make you feel like in a club. You could change the light color or set a fixed color. Of course, if you don’t like it, you can also turn it off.

The IPX7 waterproof rating makes sure that it works well no matter when you are taking shower or go swimming.

This is a Bluetooth shower speaker so that you could wirelessly connect it to your phone within 30 feet. That is to say, you won’t miss any phone call even when you are listening to music without your mobile phone. The built-in microphone makes it easier and clearer for you to talk to others.

There comes a detachable suction cup which could tightly attach it to tile wall, window, or mirror so as to spare you much space.

Auto Tech IPX7 shower speaker is powered by 3.7V / 650 MAH lithium-ion battery. When it runs out of power, you could charge it through micro-USB port. A full charge requires only 3 hours and it will last as long as 8 hours. You could plug it in at night and you could use it again the next day. The package includes a charging cable so there is no need worrying about the charging ports.

Auto Techs adheres to produce high-quality and durable products. If you place an order, you are promised a lifetime warranty. 

Milemont Shower Speaker

Milemont Shower Speaker

The Milemont shower speaker has received CE, FCC and ROHS certification.

This waterproof shower speaker allows you to bring it to the bathroom or immerse it into the water for 3 feet.

Although this speaker is small, it could produce high-quality and loud sound indoors or outdoors. The compact size makes it possible to bring it everywhere and it is tough enough to resist shock.

You could connect it with any device through the latest Bluetooth 4.2 or NFC technology, including iPhone, iPad, smartphones or tablets, etc. It is compatible with TF card or USB access so that you could play music in different forms.

The rechargeable built-in 1500mAh battery allows it to run as long as 12 hours, which means you could use for the whole day and you just need to charge it for 3-4 hours at night. With the USB port, you could connect it to your laptop, desktop computer or any USB hub to charge it.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you could have a 100% refund. 

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker has approved the CE, FCC and ROHS certification. The white button and the black look is in a sharp contact so that you could clearly see it even in the foggy bathroom.

The 100% waterproof feature allows it to be immersed in the water for 3 feet. It is also suitable for car speaker because it is able to suck the car windscreen.

The Bluetooth shower speaker could run 10 hours before you recharge it. A full charge requires only 3 hours. The suction cup could stick tightly to the glass, tile wall or any smooth surface.

iFox remains committed to providing you with a happy and creative life with this shower speaker. You could bring it to the waterside, in the water or just leave it in your room. It releases you from keeping your eyes on your phone all the time. The built-in microphone allows you to receive phone calls through this speaker.

The manufacturer guarantees you a risk-free purchase by providing you a 100% refund within 12 months.


The development of technology has made our life easier and richer. We recommend you the best shower speaker options above so that you could enjoy music anywhere and anytime. The Bluetooth shower speaker also saves you from keep browsing the screen. No matter which one you choose, we expect you to enjoy your life.


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