Buying Guide of the Best SIM Card Adapter

Author:Ameenah | TIME:September 27,2018

Nowadays, it is commonly seen that people have several devices but each of them requires different sizes of the SIM card. There are three common sizes of SIM cards: nano, micro, and standard. If you want to insert a single SIM card into devices of different brands and models, a sim card adapter would help you quickly and easily switch SIM card between devices.

For example, iPhone uses nano SIM card while other devices use micro or standard SIM card. Then you will find that the small gadget, sim adapter is necessary.

There are many types of sim card adapter available on the market. Some of them are excellent while others are not. Next is the list of the best sim adapter.

#1 iSYFIX SIM Card Adapter 

iSYFIX SIM Card Adapter

iSYFIX SIM Card Adapter could help you transform NANO SIM card to Micro or standard card according to the size of card slot of different devices. Similarly, you could also freely transform the SIM card size among micro, NANO and standard card.

It is made of high-quality material and perfectly carved to fit even old model and all mobile phone brands.  

This SIM card adapter requires only a few seconds and no tools. We suggest you using the SIM card adapter along with the SIM card cutter provided by iSYFIX. If you want to easily eject the sim adapter, you will need a steel sim eject pin. The package includes Nano to micro sim card tray, Nano to standard sim card tray, micro to standard sim card tray and steel eject pin.

If you place the order, you will have a one-year manufacturer guarantee.

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#2 SIM Card Adapter, Helect 5-in-1 Micro & Nano SIM Card Adapter 

Helect SIM Card Adapter

Helect SIM card adapter helps you easily transfer Nano SIM card to Micro SIM card and standard SIM card or transform Micro SIM card to standard SIM card.

This sim adapter has been tested and approved by the global Telecommunication companies with which you could insert your SIM card into different devices such as smartphones, tablets without sim card cutter or other tools.

There are three types of sim card adapter included in the package. Combine the Nano SIM card and Nano To Micro Adapter and you will have a micro sim card. Combine the Nano SIM card and Nano to SIM adapter and you will have a standard sim card. Combine the micro SIM card and Micro SIM adapter and you will also have a standard sim card.


If your SIM card was cut uneven, there also comes a polish chip so that you could polish the uneven edges to perfectly fit the micro or nano sim card adapter.

The 5-in-1 sim adapter also includes an eject needle so that the card slot easily ejects.

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#3 Samdi Sim Card Adapter Kit 

Samdi Sim Card Adapter Kit

This Samdi Sim Card Adapter is designed for iPhone users which includes Nano sim card adapter, micro sim adapter, standard sim adapter, eject needle and PVC soft storage sheet.

This SIM card adapter is easy to store and use. These small gadgets could easily get lost. That is why the considerate manufacturer provides the storage sheet to hold the SIM card and sim adapters.

This sim card adapter is made of superior PC material and precisely carved to have accurate size, thin basement membrane and durable base.  

The eject needle helps you easily take out and insert the sim card adapter, but we have to remind you that you’d better not put a blank sim adapter in the cell phone in case that it gets stuck. 

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