Get You Away from Your Phone With a Smart Watch

Author:Ameenah | TIME:August 31,2018

Smart watch has gone through a difficult time since the birth of smartphones because people think that a smart watch could do more than a smart watch do, so spending money on it is just a waste of money. However, smart watch started to gain momentum in recent years. In the Amazon smartwatch list, there is a wide range of smart watches for men in the market, as men are universally acknowledged that they are more interested in high-tech products than women, but ladies could also be tech fans. So we will recommend you smart watches for men.

Part 1. Why Do You Need a Smart Watch?

  • You want to receive or reply messages in time but do not want to stay focused on your mobile phone.

A smart watch on your wrist could be attached to your mobile phone through Bluetooth or App. If you have any new messages on your phone, your smart watch would remind you. Simply by glancing at it, you could decide whether to reply immediately or to ignore it according to its importance. With this magic gear, you don’t have to get distracted from work; you don’t have to interrupt an ongoing meeting; or you won’t leave the impression of impoliteness and indifference on a date; etc. You could stay connected while staying focused.

  • You want a wearable smart gear that tells more than time.

Traditional watches are just timepieces. They could tell what a smartphone tell, but take up space on your wrist. That is why watches are driven out by mobile phones. However, smartphones nowadays are featured with large screens which makes it inconvenient to take when doing sports or outdoor activities while a smart watch could not only tell more than time, but also wear around your wrist without taking up too much space. Today’s smart watch is also able to monitor your health by testing your blood pressure, heartbeat and so forth. You don’t have to turn on your phone, unlock your screen and click the app because all data could be seen on the screen on your wrist.

Part 2. Our Smart Watch options

smart watch 1.png

LETSCOM Smart Watch as Fitness Tracker

LETSCOM provides this smart watches for men. Keep doing exercise is a good way to keep health. Thus LETSCOM is committed to helping you stay motivated by designing this smart watch. It provides a series of features of fitness tracker. For example, it could track your real-time heart rate. As long as you don’t remove it from your wrist, you would have access to steps, calories burned and sleeping conditions. This smart watch is equipped with 14 exercise modes, including running, riding, hiking, etc, so that you could learn about all exercise information. And the smart watch will also record the route for the whole day. Basically, you will see time, dates, as well as calls, SMS and SNS on all social media notifications through digital display. Once fully charged, the smartphone could last as long as 7 days. There is a built-in USB plug and you just need to connect it into a USB block or computer without a charging cable. 

  • Color: black/blue/green/pink/red/purple

  • Gender: smart watches for men & women

  • Features: heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, all-day activities tracker, message notification, digital display, built-in USB plug

smart watch 2.png

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smart Watch

Samsung has long been a reputable brand of electronic products. This S3 smart watch is unexceptionally recommendable on Amazon smartwatch list. You could connect it to your Android smartphone through Bluetooth so that you could receive messages, emails and even phone calls with a built-in speaker and microphone. As mobile payment is prevalent, wearing this smart watch around your wrist will make your payment even simpler than taking out a mobile phone. It is friendly to those who love doing outdoor or extreme sports because it is tough enough to resist water, dust, extreme temperatures or accidental drop on the floor. There is a built-in GPS system for you to learn and share where you are in case of any accidents. A full-time charge will allow it to last for days. If it runs out of power, you have to apply it to a wireless charger to recharge. Message notification is undoubtedly indispensable. By rotating the distinctive steel bezel, you could use apps and update your messages.

  • Color: Black

  • Gender: smart watches for men

  • Features: Bluetooth-connected, mobile payment, waterproof, dust prevention, cold resistance, drop resistance, built-in GPS system, wireless charger


From the reviews above, we can see that having a smart watch on our wrist could be a convenient and fashionable lifestyle. If you would like to get rid of the previous life restricted by your smartphone, a smart watch could be a new and favorable choice.


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