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A toilet brush is a tool for cleaning a toilet bowl, which is often used along with toilet cleaner. Toilet bowl brush used to be made of plastic simply for removing biological debris. However, the toilet brush has evolved. They have been patented. They are designed ergonomically. They introduce a reservoir of anti-bacterial fluid, allowing the brush to be dipped and sanitized after each use. Toilet bowl could be a favorable breeding place for bacteria. A clean toilet bowl is closely related with a clean living environment which will do good to your health. This passage tells you what toilet brush you should buy.

#1 OXO Compact Toilet Brush

OXO Toilet Brush

OXO toilet brush set consists of a brush and a canister. The canister will open automatically when the brush is lifted up and store the brush when it is not in use. The toilet brush is designed with an easy-grip handle even for some hard-to-reach places so that you won’t feel tired when carrying out thorough cleaning. The taper brush head with sturdy bristles makes it convenient to reach the deeper drain and the toilet rim. When you clean the brush and plunge it into the canister, the vent will allow it to dry quickly. Even if there is a canister, the set takes up little space, which perfectly fits even a small toilet.

#2 simplehuman Toilet Brush with Caddy


Simplehuman remains committed to improving people’s living quality and efficiency. That is why they design this unique toilet bowl brush. It includes an ergonomic handle, replaceable brush and a cover. The handle is made of stainless steel, which is not only for durable use, but also easy to be attached to the magnetic collar at the top of the cover. Therefore, you could store the dripping brush and bring it around without dripping. 


The brush, in the shape of the crescent, is designed especially for the hard-to-reach areas. The sturdy bristles are extremely useful to clean tough stains.  


The brush could be removed or reattached for easy replacement. Regularly replacing the brush will do good to maintain the hygienic toilet, but unfortunately, as sellers don’t provide extra brushes, you have to purchase a new one when you want to replace it.

#3 Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Brush


If you are tired of cleaning a toilet brush after cleaning the toilet bowl, or if you worry that you could not thoroughly clean it and store it for second, third time use or more, then this Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Brush would be a good choice for you. It consists of a toilet wand and a disposable head. Each head has been soaked in powerful Clorox foam cleaner before it is in the market. They could kill 99.9% germs to prevent them from spreading diseases. The item provides one wand, 1 storage caddy, 6 disposable brush heads to replace the new one and three extra toilet cleaner. The hexagonal replaceable head allowing users to clean the bowl rim thoroughly or even reach deeper into the drain. Clorox claims to perfectly fit all kinds of toilet models. When you finish cleaning, ditch the toilet brush head and refill a new one the next time you plan to clean your toilet. Therefore, you don’t have to store a dripping brush in your toilet.  

When it comes to how to use this disposable toilet brush, here comes the instruction.


How to Maintain a Hygienic Toilet Brush?

As we all know, a damp place is highly favored by germs. Therefore, whenever we clean the toilet bowl, the toilet bowl brush also requires a careful cleaning.

Firstly, a toilet bowl brush is recommended to be used to clean your toilet along with toilet cleaner. Remember to rinse it after use in case of any dirt sticking to the brush.

Secondly, disinfect the toilet brush after rinsing it.

Thirdly, leave the wet toilet brush dried in the sun and put it in ventilated places to keep it dry.

Last but not least, as the brush would be worn out and getting dirty, it is suggested to replace a new one regularly. 3-5 months is recommended.


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