3 Best Water Heaters to Buy in 2018

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Bathing is the most relaxing time of your day, especially for a busy day. An efficient water heater could be a must-have bathroom accessory helping you have a bath as soon as possible. But best water heaters should cater to your bathing needs, no matter it is a tank or tankless one, and what's the fuel source. If you are looking for the best water heaters, read on water heater reviews.


When we buying a water heater, there is something we should figure it out, what it's type and the fuel source. if you know much about that, you can skip this part and move to read best water heater reviews.


Generally, water heaters can be divided into tank models and tankless models. The tank water heater, as the name suggests, is configured large metal cylinder that is used to store the heated water. The capacity of the water tank ranges from 50-70. The tankless model abandons the bulky water tank setting which makes it more compact, but without efficiency reduction. Instead, it avoids wasting energy. It is worth mentioning that the life of the best water heater with tankless design is about 10 years longer than that of the water tank model.


In addition, the fuel water source matters when you need best water heaters. There are electric water heater, gas water heater, and more. The electric water heater requires more energy, it is easy to install and safer, while the liquid propane water heater needs to be equipped with ventilation facilities.


Now, next is best water heater reviews. We list top 3 water heaters through heating test and comments.

Ecosmart Best Water heater

Ecosmart Best Water heater.jpg

Considering installment, Electric tankless water heaters are the best choice of those who don't want to spend much time in maintaining. The Ecosmart ECO 18 is the mid-range model, we test it can heat 2.5 gallons per minute while heating two sinks and two showers in warm weather. So this 18 KW mode is the best water heater for family or department with 3 numbers.

This best water heater can work quickly.As long as you turn on the switch, there is endless water here. Self-regulation allows it to save you energy without wasting extra energy. You can control the temperature control by increasing or reducing degree by degree, so you can easily adjust the temperature between 80 °F and 140 °F.

With compact design, it can be easily installed in limited space. lastly, it comes with limited lifetime warranty.


Easy to install

Temperature can be flexibly adjustable


Not saving utility bills



MAREY Best Gas Water Heater

MAREY Best Gas Water Heater.jpg

MAREY Gas Tankless Water Heater runs on natural gas and provides up to 3.1 Gallons Per Minute.

The 10L model weighs in about 20 pounds, yet it’s efficient enough to cater to hot water needs for the small family. Measured at 6.9 x 13.6 x 23.6 inches, this best gas water heater can save space and is installed in almost any bathroom.

At the same time it can help you save energy to the maximum extent, because it is designed to use gas only when the water is flowing. It is more environmentally friendly compared to tank water heaters. 

If you are suffering from blackouts, MAREY Gas Tankless Water Heater is perfect for you. It comes with a 5-year warranty!


Easy installation

Digital readout is awesome



Adjust the water temperature at the faucet is not easy



Best Mini-Tank water heater

Best Mini-Tank water heater.jpg

If you are looking for best water heater for your kitchen to provide warm water to wash fruits, dishes or hands, Bosch Tronic Electric Mini-Tank water heater is the best choice. With the compact design, this best water heater for your kitchen is so compact that you can easily install it under the sink or on the wall.

This mini electric water heater is equipped with a durable glass-lined tank that provides the required hot water for two sinks at a time. And it uses a fluorine-free foam insulation material, which can prolong the service life and is not easy to rust and stain.

It comes with a 6-year limited warranty for liner, 2-year limited warranty for other parts.


The design is attractive and solid

Great value for money

Easy install and start-up process


A little temperature fluctuation at start-up



Above are 3 best water heaters in 2018 including tankless electric water heaters, gas water heaters and mini water heaters for your kitchen.

Hope best water heater reviews can help you find out the one you need.


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