Best Bike Light and bicycle light for Unlit Roads and Night Riding

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The bicycle light is a must-have bicycle accessory. On the one hand it can be used as your light source to provide you with maximum illumination when you need to ride in the dark. On the other hand, the rear safety light works for you to be easily seen.

When you need to commute on a unlit road or ride in the dark, you need to install a high-output lighting system so that you can see everything on the road as clearly as possible. They are brighter and more expensive than safety lights. The rear safety lights make it easier for other drivers to see. However, the safety lights are not bright enough to allow you to ride safely in all nights. But we can also see that they are being sold as bicycle light sets in the market.

Therefore, when you buy a bicycle light online, you need to ask yourself if you need to see or to be see. The best bike light reviews intend to give you some advice on how to buy the best bike light for your actual needs.

#1 BLITZU Gator 320 Bike Light Set

BLITZU Gator 320 Bike Light Set.jpg

The BLITZU Gator 320 Bike Light Set includes headlights and non-USB rechargeable LED taillight taillights to provide you with better lighting and safety during night commute and daytime. Ultra Bright 320-Lumen Output makes it easier to see and be seen in the dark. The 360-degree rotation capability allows you to get a better view of the field in any direction depending on the lighting needs. The One Touch Dismount button allows you to press and slide the light without removing the entire mounting bracket.

The Gator 320 takes USB smart charging technology, which means you can charge from any USB port device.The four lighting modes include a low/medium/high/flicker model that you can switch at will. The IPX-5 is proven to be water resistant, which allows it to be used in any of the more harsh conditions. If you are a commuter who uses the bicycle to got to work, BLITZU Gator 320 bike light set is a good choice for you.


Front light led is light enough to see and be see

360 degree swivel ability allows better vision in any direction.

IPX-5 water resistance for different weather.

it can charges from any device with usb port.

Low/Mid/High/Flashing lighting mode is useful to meet all lighting needs.

The bike light is easy to set up


You need to press the power button four times to turn it off from the bright state.

The headlight attachment is sturdy but a bit bulky.

The red rear light is not rechargeable.


#2 Cycle Torch Shark 500 Bike Light

Cycle Torch Shark 500 Bike Light.jpg

Cycle Torch Shark 500 bike light set comes with a 500 lumens front light and a rechargeable red rear light. It is highly compatible and can provide illumination for most bicycles due to 3 different sizes of rubber bands. Therefore, this bicycle light can be installed on mountain bikes, hybrid bicycles, children's bicycles, or other bicycles.

The Cycle Torch Shark best bike light takes only 4 hours to fully charge, and the surprise is that its rear red light is also rechargeable. However, it is recommended to flash because you will save battery life.

The four working modes are High 500 lumens, Med 250 lumens, Low 50 lumens and Flash-daylight mode, which can meet all lighting needs. In the brightest 500 lumens mode, the Cycle Torch Shark 500K gives you maximum illumination for 1.5 hours. In the Med 250 lumens mode, the battery life is 3 hours. It can work for up to 15 hours at a minimum brightness setting of 50 lumens, and 30 hours for Flash-daylight mode.


USB charging

500 lumens of headlights provide good illumination

It comes with LED rear light

The rear red light is rechargeable


No warnings when here is not too much power

Rear light is not bright enough


#3 Best rear bike light: BLITZU Cyborg 120T Bike Tail Light

BLITZU Cyborg  Bike Tail Light.jpg

The front bicycle light can give you enough visibility to illuminate the road, and the taillights are an essential part of your bicycle accessories to provide you with extra protection. Let the driver vehicles and pedestrians behind you find you, which makes your riding safer. Although many people will get a rear bicycle light, they always work very well. BLITZU Cyborg LED bike tail light provides more visibility than the rear bike light you get for free.

However, the Blitzu 120T uses 30 micro LEDs to emit 120 lumens of red light. Choose from six lighting modes, including flash and flash, to protect you from damage. The rear light is easy to install and load, and you can quickly clip it to the frame or seat post. The IPX-5 rated housing allows it to prevent splashing.

USB rechargeable


Simple control button lets you easily operate.

it can be horizontally or vertically mounted.

180 degree visibility allows you to view better.


The battery is not durable.

It feels a bit flimsy.



When you ride in the unlit road or cycle at dark, you will need bike light to guide you. Best bike light should offer better view on the road and keep you safe to be see. If you are looking the bike light on amazon, this best bike light reviews should come in handy to help you buy the best bike light for you car.


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