​How to Choose Bird Cage for Parrots, Canaries or Finches

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Bird cage can provide your parrots or birds with a home. The bird may not require it to be a very luxurious one, but a large and good quality cage is necessary. Your bird will eat and excrete here and should feel relaxed here. There are different styles of bird cages on the market,you can find any model you want whether it is cheap or luxurious, big or small. If you are looking for a comfortable home for your bird, here are our recommendations.

If you want to build a bird house in your backyard to attract birds, you can check out this article.

How to choose a good bird cage

Because the bird cage comes in different sizes, material, and features. When we are going to pick the best bird cage, these factors were fully valued. Let's see what you should see when you compare different cages.

Size- the size of the bird is not the same, a wrong cage can make the bird very disappointed. For Small birds like budgies or lovebirds, a small bird cage suitable for them. The medium-sized birdcage (26x14x23.5-inch) is ideal for cockatoos. The larger birds need a large bird cage, the size of 24x22x55 inches is the most ideal size, this type is also the ideal parrot  cage.

Materials- Stainless steel, solid wood are common materials. Stainless steel with a polymer coating protects against rust and is easier to clean. In addition, it does not absorb smell of bird urine and fecal. Solid wood is more environmentally friendly. But his downside is that it is more likely to breed bacteria and make your birds more susceptible to infection. However, you can find some combined models.

Features- To facilitate your pet, the cage requires several feeders, a water bowl, a perch.

1. Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Prevue Hendryx Bird Cage.jpg

This large bird cage is available in 2 different sizes, including a large 31 x 20.5 x 53 birdcage and an X-large in37 x 23 x 60-inch bird cage. Their line spacing is 1/2 inch. And you can choose black or chalk white. Its large size is suitable for long-tailed parrots, canaries or finches.

If you have a few of these birds, then the Prevue Hendryx Big Bird Cage is your best choice,while these birds can keep their flying wings in the cage. It is equipped with two large front doors and one bottom shelf, 3 perch, and 4 bowls. This model has casters, so it's easy to move. So, you can easily move the cage around, and my bird is still inside.

The assembly of the cage can't be said to be easy, we think it is moderately difficult. If you have a little installation skill, then you may need to assemble it in about 30 minutes. But the door can be pushed away from it, which means that if a clever bird is likely to open the door by himself. The solution is to use a clip or use a tie.

Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage.png

2. Best Parrot Cage- Yaheetech Large Bird Cage

Yaheetech Large Bird Cage.jpg

Yaheetech is a trusted brand that has been providing good pet bird house solutions. This large bird cage measures 31.5 x 30 x 68'' and is made of high-quality metal with 3/4’’ bar spacing. So its structure is very strong and can provide a reliable home for your canaries, finches, and parakeets. Its non-toxic powder coating protects the metal from rusting in harsh environments.

This parrot cage has 5 stainless steel feeding bowls, 3 in the cage and 2 outside the cage. It is equipped with a top-level gaming area, with a rising ladder and 2 feeding bowls, and wooden perch. Its stainless steel material is impressive, compared to those of plastic. The large front door allows birds to easily enter and exit, protecting birds from injury.

The safety lock feature effectively prevents birds from coming out of the room without your permission. You can easily clean excrement or spills, and you can easily take the slide-out tray and the detachable mesh panel for cleaning. At the same time, it is also very easy to move, when it has 4 industrial casters installed on its four feet, which allows you to easily move around in your room. For small/medium birds, I don't recommend it, because his strip spacing is a bit large.

Yaheetech Large Bird Cage.png

3. Vision Bird Cage Model M02

Vision Bird Cage Model M02.jpg

Vision Bird Cage is a medium-sized cage that can change your previous thoughts about bird cages. It ideal for budgies, canaries, lovebirds and finches. What surprises us most is its design. Its perch looks like a green sprout, and it is also strong enough to support your feather friends. It is easy to clean. When the bird is in the cage, it will produce an outward flow of air. But the debris guards are effective against airflow and do not get the waste out of the cage. Therefore, your cleaning will be more convenient.

It's easy to install, it comes with clever attachments and fixtures that allow you to assemble the cage without any tools or metal fasteners. But the downside is that there is no cleaning tray. Also, you can't hang it because there is no handle at the top.

Vision Bird Cage Model M02.png


It's time to buy  one for your feather friend. In this article, we focus on the medium and large bird cage. If you are looking for large bird cage or parrot bird cage, you can find the model you want here. I hope this article is useful to you.


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