Best Bird Toys for Parrot or Feather Friends

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Bird toys are necessary pet accessories that divert attention and makes them less boring. Birds will also feel bored? First, you need to understand the language of the birds. Singing and whistling mean good mood, which is easy to understand. But when they start to bite, scream, and squat, they may feel tired of other birds. Therefore, ample bird toys can alleviate their boredom and give them some exercise. Now, let’s start with how to choose best bird toys and what are our picks.

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How to Choose Best Bird Toys

When choosing the right bird toys for your feather friends, pay specific attention to whether they are really safe. Although all products claim that their products are safe, they have nothing to do but to show that it is non-toxic and harmless to health. In fact, like a children's toy, all of them have some security risks. You have to observe your birds more and prepare toys for them.

Short in toy type may not good for your bird friend. They need at least 3 different types, but this should take the size of your bird cage into account. If you have more than one toy type, make sure you have enough bird toys. Without enough toys, your birds will be jealous. If they start to pounce, this is a signal that deserves your attention. Let us look at the types of bird toys.

Type of bird toy/ Parrot Toys

Common types of bird toys or parrot toys include foraging toys, chewing toys, sports toys, comfortable toys, and foot toys.

Foraging toys is to let the birds get the toys or food they need through some tests. In general, they are hidden and inlaid. This will allow your birds to get more exercise for their food.

Chewing bird toys are specifically designed to allow birds to chew. These bird toys for chewing are bird's favorite toys. And when you need to choose materials, you can pick harder woods for your medium or large birds, and light wood and vines for small birds.

The next is an exercise toy for birds. This kind of toys is designed to give your bird some workouts. Swings and Bungees can boost the chest and flank, while ladders or ropes can be used to build the back, feet and leg muscles.

Comfort toys are intended to give your bird a personal toy. This is to alleviate their anxiety and loneliness, while you always see them appear in pairs when they are in the wild.

In order to exercise the parrot's feet, some bird toys can be available for them to grab.

#1 Best for Foraging: Paradise Toys Bird Creative Foraging System Wheel

Paradise Toys Bird Creative Foraging System Wheel.jpg

Foraging toys for the bird are ideal bird toys for larger cone-tailed parrots, Caiques, mini macaws, smaller cockatoos, and Amazons.

This rotating, fillable wheel features a see-through structure, and this fun wheel is designed to reduce the boring of your feather friends by food foraging. The wheel is filled with food that birds can see everything in the box and you can use it with other bird toys to reduce feather picking and screaming.

This wheel is made of polycarbonate to ensure it is durable enough. It's easy to use, you just have to install it in a cage. It also does not require very special maintenance, clean it with mild soap and water. It is safe for the dishwasher.

However, if you have a smarter bird, then the wheel is easily disassembled if it is patience enough.


#2 Best Parrot Toys for Chewing: Paradise Knots Block Chewing Toy

Paradise Knots Block Chewing Toy.jpg

Chew toys are great for birds because chewing is an important part of the life of wild birds, especially for larger parrots. This parrot toys for chewing are made up of wooden blocks of different color, which are classic.

For those parrots are active, they can unlock the knot and break the block within few days. It provides high durability, but it may not be too long for them to get tired.


#3 Best for Balance: Rope Bungee Bird Toy

Rope Bungee Bird Toy.jpg

If you are looking for bird toys that promote and help develop the coordination and balance skills of birds, then Bird Perch is a good investment. This bird toy allows you to reshape the length and diameter of the coil using a flexible thread. You can shape it into a coil and hang it in the center of the cage.

The result is a rotating sloping surface that allows your birds to inhabit and game. It is the ideal size for Senegal parrot, Sun Conure, small cockatoo, Green Cheek Conure.



Birds also feel tired when they are tired, so they like interesting bird toys. These bird toys are effective in keeping them active and building some muscles for them. Above are the best bird toys reviews. Hope you will find the most suitable parrot toys,if so, please give us feedback.


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