Bubble Soccer Review - New Ways To Have Fun

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Are you looking for ways to add fun to your party and gathering? What about trying bubble soccer? It is acknowledged that playing soccer is beneficial to boost blood circulation, burn extra fat and improve flexibility. Have you ever thought of running in a bubble ball to play soccer? Bubble soccer is getting more and more popular nowadays as it not only adds fun but also provides protection when doing exercise which is a good way to cultivate the ability of coordination, engagement, independent thinking and perseverance.

In this passage, we have found out the top-ranking balls to play bubble soccer. 

Part 1. Top Picks - Bubble Soccer

#1 PACKGOUT Wearable Bubble Soccer

PACKGOUT Bubble Soccer

  • Size

36 inches in diameter

Suitable for kids up to 6.

  • Material

Made of 0.3mm thick PVC

Provides extra elasticity, resistance and airtightness even when you bounce and roll

Passes the heat-sealed and quality test and proves to be durable, heavy-duty and odorless.

PACKGOUT is ranked as the best bubble soccer on Amazon. There are 2 bumper balls in a package. Inflate it and you could play a different and interesting game on the beach, in the park or in the backyard. It is suitable for almost everyone, which encourages people to leave the Internet and do exercise outdoors. Kids would develop coordination capacity and friendship.

The bubble soccer is wearable so that you could still walk and run freely with your hands, head and feet outside the ball. Meanwhile, helmet and other safety gear is also recommended. When it is not in use, you just need to deflate and bring it for an outdoor trip. When you are ready to start a game, just inflate it. 


#2 ANCHEER Inflatable Bubble Soccer 

ANCHEER Inflatable Bubble Soccer

  • Size

4 ft: suitable for 3' 9”-4' 9'' and 60-100 lbs, approximately above 8 years old

5 ft: suitable for 4' 9''-6' 2” and 100-180 lbs, for teenagers & adults

  •  Material

Made of 0.8mm PVC



Durable for years of use

Perfectly sealed without leakage


Waterproof: no worry about sweat, water, rain and oil

Weatherproof: resistant to 5.0℉-104.0℉, suitable for all seasons

ANCHEER bubble ball is widely used in the backyard, park or any other outdoor places. You could play bubble soccer, bull rush and so on. You could bounce on the floor, bump into each other and roll on the floor without feeling pain.

It is easy to deflate and inflate within 1-2 minutes with an air pump, but you have to buy one on your own. There are 2 handles and 2 adjustable straps inside the bubble soccer so that it provides extra security.

There are 8 colors or patterns available so that you could choose different ones for each team member.  


#3 Happybuy Inflatable Bumper Soccer 

Happybuy Inflatable Bumper Soccer

  • Size

4 ft: suitable for kids above 8 years old

  • Material

0.8mm PVC

CE/TUV approved

Firm and durable

Easy to clean


This inflatable bubble soccer is applicable for people of all age. You could wear it on the grass, beach, snowfield or anywhere else. Inflating the ball takes only 5 minutes so that it spares more time for fun.

Each bubble ball is featured with 3-way safety system: air protection, handles to hold and safety harness. The air protection prevents air from flowing in in case that you get hurt. The holding handles and harness provides make it safer for people to stay inside.

There are 6 colors or patterns available and you would choose your favorite one.


Part 2. Factors to Buy Bubble Soccer

A wise soccer should consider the following aspects when choosing bumper balls.

  • Size

Standard bubble ball measures 59” in diameter. Although children could adjust the straps to fit themselves, it is suggested that kids and teenagers should use a smaller one, such as 47” or 31”, which is easier for them to keep balanced.

  • Security

Protection is one of the optimal jobs of bubble soccer. You have to make sure that there are handles and adjustable straps inside the ball. Holding handles makes people feel more secure while the straps allow you to fit the interior perfectly and prevent air flowing in. Air pressure matters a lot because I bet that you don’t want to be blown away by a strong wind.

  • Material

Most bumper balls are made of PVC. You have to make sure that the PVC is authentically approved because it would rub against your skin all the time. Make sure that it is odorless and would not shrink or inflate in the sun because we usually play bubble soccer outdoors. If you would like to provide extra protection, check it out whether the bubble ball is thick enough.

Additionally, other factors like elasticity and durability should also be taken into consideration because you might bump, bounce and roll with the ball.

Part 3. Dos & Don'ts of Using Bubble Soccer

In order to make your bumper balls last as long as possible, there are some important things that you should bear in mind.

  • Do fold it up carefully when not in use

  • Do use it on the soft surface like sand and grass

  • Do wear soft and cozy clothes

  • Do not over-inflate the bubble ball

  • Do not put the ball on the surface with rocks or sharp debris

  • Do not wear jewelry or belt into the ball


Jumping into a bubble ball is absolutely interesting and exciting. Play bubble soccer is definitely a wonderful exercise. Bumper balls are perfect gifts for either kids or adults.


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