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Camera stabilizer has become a new must-have for photography enthusiasts or professional photographers. No matter when you shooting for fun or take it as a job, your shaking hands would ruin your photos or videos. If you are still thinking about whether you need a camera gimbal, please check out to see the essential advantages of a camera stabilizer. If you are looking for the best camera holder, please jump to our top picks.

Part 1. Why you Need a Camera Stabilizer?

  • Stable

As you call it, a camera gimbal helps you to stabilize your camera. You don’t have to keep your hands in place all the time. It relieves your burden especially when you are holding a heavy camera.

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain stability when walking, running or surfing, not to speak of holding a camera. In this case, they would shot poor-quality images or miss some treasured moments. If you are shooting action footage, a camera stabilizer makes it easier to capture the footage.

  • Versatile

Versatility might seem redundant for an amateur photographer, but it means a lot for those who live on professional film and video industries. Most camera stabilizers allow people to attach microphones, strobes or whatever necessary.

Sometimes it comes with accessories to protect your devices. For example, it helps to cool down your devices for long-time functioning.

  • Switching angles

It is a real trouble to shot footage from a high or low angle because your arms and neck would suffer. However, with a camera holder, you just need to switch the stabilizer arm to different angles, which is easy to operate.

Part 2. What Camera Stabilizer to Buy?

#1 Zhiyun Smooth 4 Camera Stabilizer

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Camera Stabilizer

This is the best camera stabilizer ranked on Amazon. With a more advanced built-in hand wheel, Smooth 4 brings you with unprecedented stabilized feel.  The focus puller allows you to achieve a precise focus so as to shot the clearest pictures.

There is a PhoneGo mode available. That is to say, it is able to capture any dedicated movements without delay, so you don’t have to worry about dropping frame. more surprisingly, even the scene transition is shot smoothly with any post-processing.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 claims to make you a professional movie maker. The integrated controlled handle includes all necessary functions so that you could control the camera stabilizer and the camera without touching the screen in case of influencing the shooting.

Compatible with not only cameras but also smartphones, you could make your own movie even with a mobile phone. You just need to frame the object you plan to shot, Smooth 4 would track it and do the following jobs.

This camera holder could run 12 hours at a full charge. If your phone runs out of the power, the stabilizer could also charge your phone through the USB port on tilt axis.

No matter whether you just start learning photography or you are a professional one. Zhiyun Smooth 4 deserves a dry.


#2 Fantaseal 4-in-1 Camera Stabilizer with C-Shape Handle

Fantaseal 4-in-1 Camera Stabilizer

Fantaseal camera gimbal is designed for low-angled shooting, moving footage and micro shoots. With a standard 1/4 inch thread, it is compatible with all 4 kinds of devices, comSmartphone, Action Camera, Camcorder and DSLR.

The anti-loose clamp is used to keep your devices in place especially when you are moving to shoot. You could use a camera stabilizer app or USB cable to connect them so that you could watch the screen while filming.

The creative C-shaped handle, covered with anti-slipping rubber makes it comfortable and convenient to hold even after long-time filming. You could hold different positions of the handle so as to switch the shooting angle.

It allows you to link your video lights, flashes, LED lights, or microphones to it. The removable ball head could fit extra devices at any position. You would capture the wonderful moments of surfing, skating, skiing or doing any sports.


#3 ROXANT Camera Stabilizer 

ROXANT Camera Stabilizer

If you have a limited budget, you could check this camera stabilizer from Roxant who claims that you could shoot like a PRO with this camera holder. In spite of its simple design, you would never feel disappointed about its stability.

Compatible with digital single-lens reflex cameras, video cameras, GoPros and smartphones, Roxant aims to make filming easier whether you have professional devices or not.

Featuring a non-slipping handle, you won’t feel tired even if you hold it for a long time so as to prevent you from shaking your devices.  

The simple but useful structure makes it easy to use. Customers feedback says that they spend only a few minutes to start filming with their new shooting assistant.

If you don’t know how to use it or would like to learn some new technics, the manufacturer would e-mail you free video instructions. 



As taking pictures or shooting videos gets more and more popular, higher-quality images would bring us a great sense of achievement. All these would start from a camera stabilizer. We hope that our reviews could help you make a wise decision. 


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