Cantilever Umbrella - Necessary in Your Yard

Author:Ameenah | TIME:November 06,2018

Many people would like to enjoy afternoon tea or have a gathering in the garden or the yard. A patio umbrella is usually necessary to prevent strong sunshine. Cantilever umbrella (also called offset umbrella) is another kind of patio umbrellas which is the most common and effective way to provide shades. It has been extremely popular no matter for its design or functions.  

Part 1. Why Choose Cantilever Umbrella?

Those who know little about cantilever umbrella might think of the benefits of it and the differences between an offset patio umbrella and a common one.

  • Prevent harmful UV rays

Studies showed that overdose UV radiation on the skin can induce skin cancer. Umbrellas are one of the most effective ways to protect people from getting sunburn. Standard umbrellas block 75% of UV radiation while sun umbrellas 99%. That is what cantilever umbrella does.

  • Elegant design

Cantilever umbrella is featured with a cantilever and multiple colors, which looks fashionable and contracted. Offset patio umbrella looks more creative and attractive than a common patio umbrella. Moreover, the cantilever umbrella also comes in different sizes and shapes. You could choose whichever you want according to the layout and decoration of your patio.

  •  Easy to set up and close

Cantilever umbrella is easy to set up even without the help of professionals. You just need to put every part together, including the base, the frame and the canopy. The convenient side post allows you to open and close it conveniently.

  •  360-degree coverage

The offset umbrella is able to keep sunlight off you no matter where the sun is. You could till the angle of the umbrella so as to have the best sunshade, which covers a wider area than a conventional center sun umbrella.

  •  No drilling or holes required

Center-base umbrella has specific requirements on the table. By using a cantilever umbrella, you don’t need to drill your table or replace your normal table. You just need to set it aside and enjoy your time. You could even move it to wherever you want.

Part 2. What Cantilever Umbrella to Buy?

*1 Abba Cantilever Umbrella

 Abba Cantilever Umbrella

Abba cantilever umbrella consists of polyester fabric, 8 steel ribs and an aluminum pole.

The polyester canopy provides 11-inch shade, covering a square table with 6-8 chairs or 72-in oval table. It is easy to clean, durable, fade-resistant and provides 98% UV protection.

The oval pole, measuring 3.15” (L) x 2.09” (W), is coated with Tiger Drylac powder, which is free of chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion. The crank lifting system allows you to easily open and close it while the handle on the pole allows you to tilt it. When you close the umbrella, remember to wrap it with Velcro strap to secure it.
There are 3 colors available, beige, dark red and cocoa. 

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*2 FLAME&SHADE Cantilever Umbrella

FLAME&SHADE Cantilever Umbrella

FLAME&SHADE Cantilever Umbrella applies a CRANK WINDER system to open and close it easily.

The canopy is made of polyester fabric dyed with 220gsm solution so that it is resistant to fade and mold, easy to clean and protective to 98% of UV rays.

The powder-coated steel pole and ribs provide extra stability and durability for outdoor use. However, this offset umbrella could not resist wind stronger than 5miles per hour. Remember to close and store it for safety.

This cantilever umbrella, covering 10ft, is able to shade round, square or rectangle tables with 6-8 chairs and make you feel cool and comfortable under the offset umbrella. You could feel free to set it in the garden, yard or by the pool.

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*3 Patio Watcher Cantilever Umbrella 

Patio Watcher Cantilever Umbrella

Patio Watcher Cantilever Umbrella is also highly favorable on Amazon. The firm frame is made of 1.88-inch pole and coated with powder. The 8 ribs provide extra stability when standing outside.

The canopy is made of ventilated and waterproof polyester with 50+ UV protection to prevent 90% of UV rays. You don’t have to worry about fading or tearing. The round canopy allows it to cover square and rectangle tables with 4-6 chairs.

The easy-operating crank and cantilever allow quick set up, which is friendly to even individuals. Stone or weighted base is necessary for extra stability, but you have to buy one on your own. When extreme weather comes, please close it and put it away. 

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Having afternoon tea or gathering under a cantilever umbrella could be one of the most relaxing and comfortable experiences in life. We hope that this offset patio umbrella review would help you.


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