Best Car Sun Shade Reviews: How to Choose car windshield sun shade?

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Have you got a car sun shade for your vehicle? Configuring car windshield sun shade for your vehicle is one of the routine maintenance steps.

It is well known that LCD monitors, GPS devices and dashboards will become less sensitive and even destroyed if they are exposed to sunburn for a long time. In addition, lighting can cause the rear seat upholstery and rear decks to lose their luster or fade. So a durable and efficient awning can extend the life of the electronics and seats in the car.

Another obvious benefit is to improve the comfort of the car. Car sunshade help offer more shade for the people in the car so that they can not be annoyed by sun glare. So what are you waiting for? Here you can find  best car sun shade.

How to Choose Car Sun Shade?

The benefits of car sun shade don't need to mention too much, as to how to pick the best car sun shade? You need to pay attention to the following points when shopping for car windshield sun shade.

Type-Choose the right awning type for your car. If you have a baby in your home, a fixed-position shadow can protect your car's baby seat.

Anti-UV: You need to take into account its ability of UV resistance, generally you can see it in the package.

Size: In order to cater for different sizes of windows, there are different types of awnings on the market for you to choose from. you should make sure that the car sun shade is suitable for your car window.

#1 Magnelex Car Sun shade for Small Cars

Magnelex Car Sun shade for Small Cars.jpg

For small cars, you need to keep your eyes on size of car sun shade. Because if it is too big, there is no way to use it. And this Magnelexcar car windshield sun shade can keep you cool in the car and effectively block direct sunlight, thanks to the reflective polyester material that blocks heat and sunlight.

Measured 59 x 31inches, Magnelexcar is the best sunshade for car windows of small cars. It will work great to cover the entire windshield so you can enjoy the biggest shadow. Besides, it is a retractable windshield sunshade. That means when you don't use it, it can be easily folded and stored in the original package. So, it saves space on your vehicle because you only need to put it under the seat or in the suitcase.

Your package will contain a steering wheel cover sun shade that you can use to protect the steering wheel from fading. More importantly, you can protect your hands from being hurt by hot steering wheel before you start the vehicle.

#2 Coveted Shade Best Car Sun Shade for Money

Coveted Shade Best Car Sun Shade.jpg

If you are looking for a way to keep your car cool, Coveted Shade car sun shade offers an economical solution to keep your car from high temperatures. With it, you can be cooler in the car in the hot summer. And you can get a better view of your phone screen or magazine.

This economical car windshield sun shade features extremely thick and good quality materials. Durable materials are responsible for effectively reducing the amount of UV light entering your vehicle, thus achieving lower in-vehicle temperatures than usual.

One of the reasons to make it stand out as best car sun shade is that it works for all medium or small windows of different sizes. A bit of flexibility allowing it to be adjusted makes it happen.

But Coveted Shade is not fit the windshield as expected, though car sun shade is can be adjustable. Besides, there is a little trouble to fold if you are not good at folding.

#3 Enovoe Premium Car Sun Shade

Enovoe Premium Car Sun Shades.jpg

Enovoe Premium car sun shade is one of the best car sun visors for normal size windows. The most important function of the car windshield sun shade is to block the UV rays, which also decide whether it is a good quality car shade for baby. According to the measured data, 97% of the UV rays are blocked outside the car.

Enovoe Premium fits the rear window, left and right windows to block the strong sun rays. And it's very durable, it stays the same even if you bend it hard.


Picking best car sun shade greatly reduces harmful rays to the interior of the vehicle. It also prevents your steering wheel to become too hot to grip for long-time exposure to the sun. The reduced temperature inside the car allows you to save less fuel for running the air conditioner.

Above are 3 best car sun shade in 2018 considering the type, UV resistance, and pride, hope it can help you make the wiser decision. If you find useful information for buying the sun shade for your car, please give us “like” to let us know.


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