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Cats love sleeping in wherever they like, such as on the top of the shelf or in a box, but it doesn’t mean that a cat bed is unnecessary. Actually, cat beds provide not only a place to sleep but also a shelter to keep them comfortable and secure.

It is known that cats are finicky pets. Your cat might prefer different types of cat bed for any special or mysterious reason. You have various options ranging from pillow-style cat bed to cave-style one, a heated one, luxury one or any other cat beds. It seems that it will take you hours to make a choice by learning all of them. Fortunately, by spending a few minutes going through this passage which has picked out the best cat beds for your furry friend.

# Best Round Cat Bed

*Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed

Aspen Cat Bed

This is the best seller in cat beds. The round cat bed measures 19 1/2 inches in diameter. Made of polyester and weighing only 1.41 pounds, this cat bed is quite lightweight and compact to be carried when you plan to take a trip with your cat.

Covered with plush corduroy exterior and soft, faux lambswool sleeping surface, the bed is attractive to cats. It is featured with heat-reflecting technology inside the cat bed to reflect the pet’s body temperature so as to keep them warm and comfortable, especially in winter.

The textured design at the bottom prevents skipping so that it stands sturdily on the floor on the tile or wooden floor. You don’t have to worry about bothering your cat while he/she is sleeping.

There are 3 colors available. You could choose one that matches your home decor most.

Cat beds require regular cleaning. This hand-washable cat bed saves you the trouble of maintaining it.

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# Best Heated Cat Bed

*K&H Pet Products Cat Bed Heated Mat 

K&H Pet Products Cat Bed Heated Mat

Heated cat bed from K&H Pet Products is actually a heated mat measuring 12.5” x 25”. Powered by 6W heater beneath the soft foam, it provides an extremely cozy sleeping environment for cats all year long. The compact size allows you to leave it almost every corner of your home.

The thermostatically control system maintains the temperature of the heated cat bed at the normal level of your cat’s body temperature. The heater is MET listed so that it is safe and reliable.

The removable cover makes it easy to clean. However, some complained that the padding is not thick enough.

There are two colors available. If you have a larger pet, you could choose a larger one measuring 14” x 28’ which performs as well as this smaller one. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty. 

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# Best Cave-like Cat Bed

*MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave 

MEOWFIA Cat Bed Cave

Cave-like cat beds provide more private space for cats, just like MEOWFIA Cat Bed Cave. The half-open design makes it a perfect place for cats to rest, sleep and have fun.

It measures about 19 inches in diameter, 12 inches in height with an 8-in entrance. Remember to compare your cat’s size with the cave and make sure that he/she could walk through the entrance freely.

As it is a handmade product, dimensions might vary slightly. Made of Merino wool, this cat bed not only makes the cat bed a cozy shelter but also contains no irritating chemicals and synthetic which is safe for cats, cat owners and the environment. It could resist odors, dirt and stains naturally, saving you the trouble of cleaning it with great difficulty. People might find it smells unpleasant, but the smell is exactly attractive to cats. If you really can’t stand it, just leave it in the sun until the unpleasant smell goes.

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All pets need their own home, so do cats. While enjoying your cat’s company, you should also provide them with a comfortable living space. That is what the cat bed do. We hope that the best cat beds we review today would help your cat live happily.


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