Best Corner Shelf Buying Guide

Author:Ameenah | TIME:December 04,2018

A corner is one of the most annoying places when it comes to home decor. It is too small to accommodate as many things as possible like other rooms while it is also wasteful to leave it idle. Today, creative designers have come up with a good idea to make the full use of corner space. That is corner shelf. Compared with common shelves, corner shelves are more compact, lightweight and durable.

People worry that corner shelves could ruin their perfect home decor. However, our list today is far more fashionable than ordinary ones. You would be bound to find the best corner shelf. You would find it not only a practical storage space but also a perfect home decoration. 

Part 1. Types of Corner Shelves

  • Wall Corner Shelf

This kind of corner shelves is mounted into the wall without holders or nails. They usually come in the shape of a triangle or fan, which fits the corner perfectly. In order to make it more secure, the shelves are designed to be thicker and smooth finishes so as to fit a bedroom, living room, playroom and so on.

  • Standing Corner Shelf

If you don’t want to punch holes in the wall, standing corner shelves could be a perfect alternative. As it stands sturdily on the ground, you could use it as corner bookshelf. You could put books, vases or other accessories.

If you decide to buy a corner bookshelf, you have to take some important factors into consideration, such as things on the shelf, size, material and design.  

Part 2. Top-ranking Corner Shelves

#1 Greenco Wall Mount Corner Shelf

#1 Greenco Wall Mount Corner Shelf

  • Size: 7.75" L×7.75" W×48.5" H

  • Material: laminates

  • Tiers: 5

Greenco is a typical wall-mounted corner shelf that ranks among the best sellers. It consists of 5 fan-shaped panels for holding things and 5 square panels for connection. The fan-shaped panels measure 7 5/8” in semidiameter and 12” in circumference while the square ones measure 7 5/8” × 7 5/8”.

As there are 5 tiers in total, there is enough space for storing small gadgets like keys,   knick-knacks, toys and displaying photos, plants and so on.

The corner shelf is made of durable MDF laminates with modern espresso finish. Even if there is no extra accessories, it is suitable for all kinds of home decor. You could set it up at home, in the dorm or office. The package includes all the necessary installation hardware, like L screws, plastic dry-wall screws. With pre-drilled holes in the laminates, it adds no difficulty to installation.


#2 Furinno 5 Tier Corner Shelf

#2 Furinno 5 Tier Corner Shelf

  • Size: 11.6” (W) x 11.6” (D) x 57.7” (H)

  • Material: composite wood

  • Tiers: optional

Furinno is another best seller of standing corner shelf. The fan-shaped panel makes it extremely suitable for every corner in your house and takes advantage of even limited space for storage.

This corner shelf consists of 5 shelf panels and PVC supporting tubes. The panels are made from particleboard which comes from rubber trees in Malaysia so as to ensure that it is not only solid but also environmentally friendly. The supportive tubes, made of recycled plastic, have passed the durability test so that you could rest assured of its quality.

The corner shelf allows you to adjust it to a different height to fit different corners by adding or reducing tiers. The open rack design makes everything on the shelf highly visible.

As the whole installation process requires no drilling or sawing, it would take you only several minutes to set it up effortlessly. 


#3 Casual Home Ladder Corner Shelf

Casual Home Ladder Corner Shelf

  • Height: 72” (H)

  • Size of each panel(from bottom to top)

1st tier: 17.5" wide x 12" deep

2nd tier: 13.5” wide x 10" deep

3rd tier: 11.5” wide x 8" deep

4th tier: 8” wide x 5 1/2" deep

Top tier: 6” wide x 3 1/2" deep

  • Material: wood

  • Tiers:  5

Tired of conventional rectangular corner bookshelf? Casual Home Ladder Corner Shelf would leave a deep and fresh impression on you. Measuring 72 inches high, this shelf is featured with different lengths at different tiers. The progressive design adds beauty and elegance to modern home layout.

There are 3 finish options available, including white, black and brown. You could choose one that matches your home most. All corner shelves are made of solid wood which is widely acknowledged to be durable and firm to hold books, collectables or anything else.

Each tier of the shelf is stacked together so that you don’t have to add extra installation accessories.  



As corner shelf gains momentum, corners have now become an attractive and advantageous place for storage and decoration. It is absolutely wise decision to take advantage of space in our home as space are getting premium nowadays. That is also what corner bookshelf aims to achieve.


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