Best Cotton Candy Machine Options To Buy

Author:Ameenah | TIME:January 10,2019

When it comes to carnivals, parties and festivals, what comes to your mind? The most common answer is cotton candy which carries sweat memory of our childhood. It looks like a fluffy, colorful pillow of wool but melts in your mouth like a snowflake.

Although you could buy one in the amusement park, stadiums, concert or at any other carnivals and activities, you could make your own cotton candy at home. You could add whatever you like and safe ingredients for your family. You have the rights to decide the shape and color of your candy. Additionally, home-made cotton candy is one of the wonderful decorations for presents and parties.

Certainly, you have to start with a cotton candy machine. The interesting fact is that the earliest cotton candy maker was invented by a candy maker, John C. Wharton, and a dentist, William J. Morrison.

Cotton candy machines melt the sugar with an electric heating element at the base of a funnel-shaped dish instead of using open fire. Then the machine rotates quickly and flings the syrup through tiny holes in the funnel using centrifugal force. Finally, you could use a stick to catch and wind the spraying threads to make any shape as it cools down.

Can’t wait to visit the magic word of cotton candy maker? Let’s get started and see the best cotton candy machines available on Amazon.

#1 Nostalgia Candy Cotton Candy Maker

Nostalgia Candy Cotton Candy Maker

Nostalgia cotton candy machine is highly popular on Amazon which is compatible with all Nostalgia cotton candy maker kit.

It consists of a heavy-duty base and a funnel-like shell. The base is featured with suction cup feet so as to prevent slipping while the clear rim guard prevents the syrup from spraying everywhere and allows you to observe whether the sugar is fully melted. All parts are detachable for your convenience of cleaning.

This machine is able to melt hard candies, flossing sugar or sugar-free hard candies. Same or different flavors of hard candy could sometimes bring you a great surprise. Flossing sugar is used to made cotton candy by commercial manufacturers while sugar-free hard candies are perfect for diabetics or those who have to strictly control sugar intake.

There comes along with 1-sugar scoop, 1-extractor head and 2 reusable cones. 


#2 Great Northern Popcorn Commercial Cotton Candy Machine 

Cotton Candy Machine

This cotton candy maker from Great Northern Popcorn Company with a large-sized pan is suitable for both household use or commercial use.

Featured with a 950 Watt high-performance heating element, the machine could keep working continuously and produce a cotton candy cone every 30 seconds efficiently.

The belt-driven motor makes this cotton candy maker work quietly and smoothly. There are 2 spare ribbon belts for you to replace a worn-out one to guarantee continuous work of the machine.

The large 20-1/2" pan is made of premium stainless steel, which is thicker, easier to clean and more durable. The pan is locked to the base with by the four clips. Unless the pan is placed properly, the cotton candy machine would not start working, which ensures its safety.

There is a built-in storage drawer with three grids where you could put your cotton candy cones, floss and sugar.

It is quite easy to make your own cotton. Turn on the machine and preheat the motor for 2 minutes. Put floss in it and wait for your candy.


#3VIVO Cotton Candy Machine

VIVO Cotton Candy Machine

This VIVO electric commercial cotton candy machine is powered by 1030W motor, able to quickly warm up in 5 minutes.

Measuring 14.5 in. (L)*12 in. (W)*15.25 in. (H), this machine does not take up too much space, so you could feel free to put it in your kitchen or your dessert store.

The 20-inch stainless steel bowl is large enough to produce 2-3 cotton candy cones per minute. The bowl is secured to the base by 4 latches so as to fix it in place. If you finish using it, just release the latches to remove and clean it.  

The cotton candy maker is equipped with 4 rubber feet for extra stability in case of slipping or scratching your countertop.

Once you purchase the machine, you would have a 1-year warranty.



Nothing is better than seeing a smiling face. Wanna recall your precious childhood? Wanna cheer your children up? Got a cotton candy machine and start you magic cotton candy trip.


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