His Crazy Her Weirdo Matching Couples Keychains, Couples Necklaces

  • Novelty couple glass - Mr. right beer glass for him and Mrs. always right wine glass for her.
  • Mr. right beer glass - Featured with mustache and old-fashioned top hat, seeming like a funny and polite gentleman.
  • Mrs. always right wine glass - Featured with a red lipstick kiss and white words, seeming elegant and charming.
  • Perfect size - 12oz wine bottle and 17oz beer bottle are suitable for almost every couple.
  • Free accessory - An extra opener for any bottle is included so as to make drinking beer or wine more convenient.

Are you troubled by what Valentine’s gift for your lover? If you love drinking wine or beer together and would like to make your wine tasting more interesting, this couple glass could be a perfect gift.

The beer glass is stamped with Mr. Right while the wine glass is stamped with Mr. Always Right because ladies are definitely always right. The mustache and the top hat represents a gentleman while the red kiss represents a lady.  

You could leave the Mr. Right glass to your boyfriend/husband and the Mrs. Always Right glass to your girlfriend/wife as a symbol. You could also change them so that it would remind you of your lover every time you pick up the glass.  

Measuring 7.8 inches in height and 3.18 inches in width, the wine glass could accommodate 12 ounces of alcohol. Measuring 5.8 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width, the beer glass could accommodate 17 ounces of alcohol. They are of perfect size for every couple.

With a beautiful package coming along, this glass is ready to surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife on birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, wedding, engagement or anniversary. 

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