What Are Covert Cameras In 2019(Hidden Camera)?

Author:Max | TIME:March 05,2019

Both covert cameras and hidden cameras have a similar purposefor home monitoring or security monitoring. Like a security camera system, they can collect audiovisual and recorded evidence without attracting the intruder's attention.

Some covert cameras are disguised as hats, water bottles, and watches, and are suitable for more different occasions, allowing you to record the picture and sound you want without being noticed. The wireless model offers better concealment and portability. But battery life is a factor that needs to be noticed.

What features are you looking for? Easy to hidden camera allows video and recording. Of course, in order to meet the needs of different people, other extra functions are necessary, like the night vision and motion detection. The motion detection sensor function detects changes in the picture and automatically starts recording video and audio and issues an alarm message.

This article is intend to choose the best covert cameras for you in 2019. 

Aipinvip Smart Bracelet Covert Cameras

Aipinvip Smart Bracelet Covert Cameras.jpg

Aipinvip smart bracelet with hidden camera is a good camouflage, especially suitable for commercial face-to-face audiovisual recording. It’s a real smart allowing you to use it to improve your health.

It has some basic features that can be found on other smart watches, such as counting steps, calorie consumption count, walking distance counter, and time display.

When you use it as a security camera system, it can support up to 120 minutes of video or 90 minutes of video, 1080P HD video can give you a lot of record details. Please use the standard USB charger to charge the Spy Camera Smart Wristband.

The high quality camera is a highly sensitive lens that works flawlessly in poor lighting conditions.


  • Video:AVI/M-Jpeg

  • Resolution:1080P

  • Remote access: Windows Me/

  • Windows2000/XP/Win7/Win8/Macos/Linux

  • Battery:350mah

  • Charge:DC-5V

  • Storage: SD card slot(not included)


Fredi L16 Mini Camera

Fredi L16 Mini Camera.jpg

Despite its small size, it has amazingly powerful features including real-time video recording, infrared night vision, and snapshots.

It is a wifi spy camera.wifi connection is allowed, which means you can remotely control what is happening through the mobile app.

It is equipped with advanced night vision features. The FREDI spy camera has 10 non-glow black LEDs, so you can provide HD video even when the sky is completely dark. You only need to remotely turn on night vision mode in the app, and the night vision range is up to 5M.

Motion detection can get motion, and once you notice a change in the picture, you can send an alert message to your phone. So this hidden camera allows you to not miss any important events. On the phone software, you can set the motion sensor sensitivity.

It is powered by a Solid 400mah battery. The high quality battery can record video for you up to 2 hours during the day and up to 1.5 hours for night vision.

Resolution: 1080p

Remote access: iOS and Android

Storage: SD card slot ( not included)

Power: Rechargeable battery


Conbrov Hidden Spy Camera

Conbrov Hidden Spy Camera.jpg

Another hidden camera from Conbrov? It is disguised as a keychain, so it is very portable. You can take it to whatever you want like a car key and record the necessary video and audio evidence in a dangerous environment.

HD night vision support allows it to automatically switch to 720P night vision. So even in the dark, it can take video within 15 feet. In this way, intruders at night can also be found, and get evidence when it is not paying attention. Of course, you can use it as a nanny or baby monitor to monitor your baby or other loved ones.

A motion-activated sensor can allow motion detection. This means that once there is a picture change, you can start automatic recording and issue an alarm.

It's easy to use, and once you press the LOCK LOCK button, it can start working. If you need to activate the motion detection function, press the UNLOCK button.

Resolution: 720P HD(Video Only)

Storage: SD card slot ( not included)

Power: Rechargeable battery



If you want to find a hidden camera to monitor your house, to protect your baby, pet or property, you come to the right place. We recommend covert cameras for you, they can be fully integrated into the environment, without causing unnecessary attention to get the evidence you want.

The products we recommended are all covert cameras with high-quality lens , they are portable and easy to carry to everywhere you want.

There is a tip for you. Please use the security camera system in legal way. In the United States, 13 states in 50 states are prohibited from recording in secret way and you need to know the laws of that state before using it. I hope this article is helpful to you.


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