Best Desk Lamp to Illuminate Your Desk

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Whether you are planning to build a studio at home or you are building a study for your kids, a desk lamp is necessary. As we have to spend a long time working or studying, we have to choose an eye-caring one that gives out soft and comfortable light. All the reading lamps we recommend today are all equipped with LED light bulbs because of its versatility in color temperature, longevity, less pollution and lower cost.

Part 1. Why We Choose LED Desk Lamp?

  • Versatility in color temperature

Most traditional lamps have only one light color temperature. The problem is that we would not use the lamp for single use. For example, when reading a dry technical manual, you would prefer bright light that helps you read clearly and think rationally. When reading a romantic novel, you would prefer warm light that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere for you to imagine what the book is telling. Modern LED desk lamp usually allows you to switch from sleep-inducing orange light to alertness stimulating white light, which depends on what you are going to do under the lamp.

  • Longevity

LED light bulb is known for its long-lasting life. A good bulb could even last for decades. That is to say, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or replacement frequently. You just need to focus on your work.

  • Less pollution

Traditional light bulbs emit heat while illuminating while LED desk lamp emits little heat. That is to stay, you won’t feel hot as you stay close to the lamp. Moreover, it won’t make your eyes feel dry and tired.

On the one hand, LED desk lamp produces less carbon dioxide than a traditional light, which is more environmentally. On the other, as you don’t have to replace it regularly, you are making less waste for our planet.

  • Lower cost

Although it seems to be more expensive to purchase an LED light bulb than an incandescent one, you could pay less for your electricity bill in the long run because it requires less energy to produce equal brightness. 

Part 2.  Best LED Desk Lamp to Buy 

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp


This is one of the best reading lamps which aims to make reading, working or studying easier. Featuring a 14-in light tube, 16-in holder and 7.1-in round base, this desk lamp actually takes up little space on your desktop but bring you excellent illumination.

The power cord measures 59.05 inches so that you could move it around your desk, bed, nightstand or any other places.

The flexible arm allows you to adjust the lamp tube to any angle, up and down, left and right no matter when you are sitting or standing.

Desk Lamp

There are 5 colors available and each is equipped with 7 brightness. The touch control panel on the desk lamp base allows you to switch between different modes and brightness to create a different atmosphere.  

Desk Lamp

The LED desk lamp produces soft and stable light without flickers so that you won’t feel tired even after long-time working or reading. The energy-saving 12W LED light bulb could save almost 75% on your electricity bill.

The built-in USB port perfectly caters to today’s modern technology. You could keep your mobile phone charged and within reach while working beside it. 


There are black and white lights available. Both the classic colors match with all kinds of indoor decor, such as offices, bedrooms and studies. 

Lampat LED Desk Lamp

Lampat LED Desk Lamp


Lampat black desk lamp leaves an impression of mystery and elegance when it stands on the desktop.

Powered by a LED light bulb, this lamp produces natural light which is friendly to eyes. You won’t feel tired even after a long-time working under it.

There are 4 lighting modes, including reading, studying, relaxing and sleeping mode. For each mode, you could choose proper brightness among the 5 levels through the “+” and “-” button. You just need to operate the light through the control panel on the holder. The touch panel has been passed the durability test which proves to be sensitive to your touch and durable to stand almost 100,000 times touch. 

Desk Lamp

There is also a 60-min timer on the panel. If you press the button, the desk lamp would be automatically shut off after 60 minutes.

The flexible arm and head of the lamp could be adjusted to any angle so as to illuminate a targeted place. 

Desk Lamp

It is not a simple desk lamp, but also a USB charger. By attaching your smartphone to it through the USB port, you don’t have to worry about a dead battery. 

Desk Lamp

Etekcity Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp 

Etekcity Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp


If you would like to bring your lamp everywhere, this cordless desk lamp would satisfy your needs. Powered by rechargeable 1000mAh lithium battery, it could light up for 2.5-6 hours at any place without power cord at a full charge. When it runs out of power, you could recharge it for 3-4 hours and it is ready to be used again.

By touching the control panel, you could easily adjust the brightness and the color of the light. If you keep touching the color spectrum on the base for 3 seconds, the automatic color cycle mode would be activated.

The colorful light creates a perfect and interesting atmosphere, which makes this desk lamp a perfect gift for kids.

It is equipped with 16 LED bulbs, but each of them consumes only 0.2W every hour so as to ensure its low energy consumption.

The flexible gooseneck allows easy twisting and bending to illuminate specific areas. Even kids could adjust it without any effort.

The manufacturer provides 24-month warranty and lifetime support for this desk lamp, so you could buy with confidence.


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Best Desk Lamp to Illuminate Your Desk