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Author:Ameenah | TIME:January 05,2019

Measuring is one of the most common jobs in our daily life. It is difficult to ensure accuracy when measuring small accessories. Otherwise, measuring errors might cause danger, but the digital caliper is acknowledged to be the most suitable for small objects.

People might ask whether it is necessary to choose digital caliper as measuring tape could also fulfill the measuring job. In fact, measuring calipers, designed for precise measurement, could correct to even 0.0005 inches. Therefore, they are widely used in metal processing, carpentry, mechanical engineering and so on which provides easy and fast readings. 

#1 Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper 

Digital Caliper

This is the best digital caliper from Neiko. There are 3 measuring modes. You could choose the familiar measurement units by switching among inch, fractions and millimeter.

This digital caliper consists of a stainless steel frame which is carefully polished, knurled thumb roller and locking screw which ensures smooth sliding.

There are two sets of jaws and the probe with which you could measure depths and lengths in the exterior or interior. When measuring the outside diameter of small or large components, just put them in the jaw. When measuring inside diameter and it is impossible to clamp the object, you could ring the top jaws to gain readings.

It covers a measuring range from 0-6” or 0-150mm, with a resolution of 0.0005”, 1/128” or 0.01mm and the accuracy of 0.001” or 0.02mm.

The extra large LCD screen makes the readings highly visible and easy to read.

The package also includes an extra LR44 battery for replacement and customize fit case for storage or taking everywhere. 


#2 Mitutoyo Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo digital caliper could measure 0-6inches or 0-150mm with an increment of 0.0005 inches, ensuring its accuracy.

The digital LCD screen display either British unit or metric unit for your convenience to have exactly what you want.

Measuring calipers with Zero/ABS keys could be set to zero wherever the slider is so as to compare the increments.

There is a pair of jaws attached to the long scale beam which is used to measure interior, exterior and steps. There is a probe sliding out along the beam when you need to take the depth of some objects.

The advanced onsite sensor (AOS) electromagnetic inductive sensor would perfectly prevent it from being polluted by dirt, water or oil.

There comes along with a protective plastic case and extra SR44 silver oxide battery. 


#3 iGaging Digital Caliper 

iGaging Digital Caliper

Featured with a resolution of 0.0005 inches or 0.01mm with an accuracy of 0.001 inches (0.02mm), iGaging digital caliper could measure as long as 6 inches (150mm).

IP54 protection prevents you electric measuring caliper from water and dust so as to ensure precise readings.

Powered by a 3V CR2032 battery, the caliper could be able to last as long as 2 years if operated properly.

The main body of this digital caliper is made of hardened Stainless steel. It is suggested that the ideal operating environment should be 0°c+40°c with the relative humidity of 80%.

The manufacturer promises that this product has passed the ISO 9001 certification and you would have a 2-year warranty.


Special features of the Best Digital Caliper

  • Depth probe - used to measure thickness or depth

  • Locking screw - used to lock the jaw when in place in case of moving or sliding

  • ABS button - used to set the measurement to zero temporarily

  • Outside jaws - used to measure the interior size of the object

  • Inside jaws - used to measure the exterior size of the object

  • In/mm button - used to switch the readings between inches and millimeters, or fractions sometimes

  • Auto-shut - used to shut off the digital caliper when it is not in use for some time

  • Stainless steel frame - used to make the measuring calipers durable, smooth and rust-resistant

  • Large LCD screen - used for easy reading 

digital caliper

How to Take Care of the Digital Caliper?

As a tool for accurate measurement, digital caliper requires careful maintenance. For example:

  • Lubricate the roller of the jaws and cover it with anti-erosion paper;

  • Put the measuring caliper in dry places;

  • Avoid overheating;

  • Check the battery regularly;

  • Keep it away from corrosive chemicals;

  • Take out the battery when it is left unused for a long time;

  • Do not drop it on the floor;

  • Do not put heavy things on it;



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