Dog Playpen Buying Guide

Author:Ameenah | TIME:November 06,2018

If you have an extremely energetic dog, sometimes it might cause great trouble. You don't want to get angry about your dog’ running around and destroying things. You don't want to keep them in its small dog house. A dog playpen might be the best alternative.

The play yard not only secures your dog but also provides a wide space for them to burn up the energy, thus keeping them from running around and destroying everything!

There are indoor playpen, outdoor playpen and even portable playpen made of different materials. The best dog playpen should make your dog feel at home while regulating their behaviors.


Part 1. Why do You Need a Dog Playpen

  • Easy to set up

Most play yards are foldable and portable. That is to say, you could easily set it up either in your living room or your yard. When it is not in use, just fold it up for storage. You could even take it out for a picnic or camping with your dog.

  •  Secure

Space inside the play yard is also limited but larger than a dog house or dog cage, which is wide enough for puppies to run around freely. It perfectly prevents your dog from escaping or ruining your home.  

  •  Helpful in building a good relationship between pet owners and pets

Doghouse is an enclosed room because dogs need personal space when they are sleeping while puppy playpen is not. Through the fences, your dog could see everything and everyone. Even if you do not stay with them, seeing you around would help drive loneliness away.

Part 2. What Dog Playpen Should You Buy?

*New World Foldable Metal Pet Playpen

New World Foldable Metal Pet Playpen

This dog playpen, designed for puppies up to 16 inches consists of 8 panels and each measures 24”(W) x 24”(H). the portable design allows you to fold it up and set it up indoors or outdoors within seconds without any tool, which is quite convenient for domestic use or traveling.

The puppy playpen is e-coated with a black finish which is durable and resistant to rust, sunshine and rain so that you could feel free to leave it outdoors.

There comes 4 ground stakes that help to fix it to the ground, providing extra security to prevent the play yard from moving and displacing. As your puppy grows up and you would like to expand its living space in a closure, you could connect the playpen to a metal dog crate with the included 4 secure locking thumb snaps.

Actually, New World dog playpen is not only designed for dogs but also non-climbing animals like rabbits, ducks, turtles and so on. 

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*Richell Convertible Pet Playpen

Richell Convertible Pet Playpen

This is a 3-in-1 dog playpen. You could use it as a play yard, pet gate or room divider. There are 4-panel and 6-panel options. If you use it as a dog playpen, it measures 63.8” x 33.1” x 36”. Hexagon playpen measures 54.25” x 63.8” x 36”. independent pet door measures 127.6” x 33.1” x 36” while the divider measures 132” x 23.5” x 36”.

This play yard, made of durable plastic, is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use to resist rain and sunshine.

There are specially designed caps at each corner to fix the panels at the angle of 90°, 120° and 180° for extra stability.

When you use it as an independent pet door, there is a lock that secures your door inside and allows you to open and close the playpen easily.

There is a comfort mat that is specially designed for 6 panels. You could place it on the top as a sunshade or on the ground as a cushion so that your dog would feel comfortable staying inside, but the mat is not included.

The convertible puppy playpen is easy to set up and fold up for storage and cleaning.

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*Ruff 'n Ruffus Portable Pet Playpen

Ruff 'n Ruffus Pet Playpen

This is a portable dog playpen measuring 29" x 29" x 17". It is lightweight and portable for either domestic use or traveling with an included carrying case. It pops up in seconds without any tool and folds flat when not in use. The attached floor mat provides extra comfort and security for your dogs.

It consists of 8 panels made of durable waterproof nylon and each panel is tightly sealed with protected seams and reinforced corners so as to prevent your pet from destroying it and escaping. The detachable top is zipped to the play yard. When you set it up outdoors, the top will provide a shade for your pets. When you set it up indoors, you could remove it to interact with them. The mesh design of the top and wall panels allows dogs to look out of the play yard and allows the pet owners to take care of the pets.

The package includes a carrying case and a 16-ounce collapsible food bowl. The bowl is made of safe FDA silicone. You should use soap to clean it instead of putting it in the dishwasher.  

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Dog playpen is an ideal alternative for the dog’s daily activities for the sake of security and entertainment. If you plan to leave your dog inside the play yard for a long time, remember to prepare essential things like water, food and dog toys for them to enjoy themselves. We wish that your puppy would have a good time in the puppy playpen.


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