Epsoak 19-Pound Epsom Salt Bulk Bag USP Grade

  • All Natural Material - Every Epsom salt bag has the purest Magnesium Sulfate, USP Grade, great anti-inflammatory properties, help you reduce muscle soreness.
  • High-quality Epsom Salt - Fine-particle and quick-dissolve Epsom salt, only need to put 2 cups of Epsom salt in warm water before bath, then the salt will release magnesium immediately.
  • Good for Foot Care - Epsoak Epsom salts are capable to remove keratin from any part of your body including your feet, also softens the skin and relieve stress & stiffness.
  • Ideal Fertilizer for Plant - Composed of magnesium, Epsom salts is equivalent to organic fertilizer for flowers and vegetables, good for flowers, fruits and vegetable growth.
  • Superior Epsom Salt - Epsoak Epsom salts are GMO-free and good for health, help you exfoliate skin and even volumize your hair if you combine Epsoak Epsom Salts and warm conditioner for use.

Epsoak Epsom salt is composed of magnesium sulfate. This type of salt is great for people and plants. Taking an Epsom salt bath is a great option for you to relieve muscle aches and pains. Also, Epsom salts will help you cleanse pores, detoxify the skin and relieve aching feet. Epsoak Epsom salt features on its washing and exfoilting properties. You can make special body scrub by adding Epsom salts to your shower gel. With Epsoak Epsom salt, you can easily have smooth and glowing skin. 

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