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Author:Ameenah | TIME:February 26,2019

Floor lamp also called standing lamp, is one of the most elegant and stylish lighting fixtures. People use floor lamps to provide extra illumination in their living room, bedroom and restaurant even if there is overhead light or ceiling light that light up the whole house.

Compared with ceiling lights, floor lamps take up more space and illuminate part of your house, but it is undoubtedly the best to create a warm and special atmosphere with its adjustable brightness.

Additionally, as the floor lamp is so convenient to move around, you could bring it to anywhere, such as from living room to bedroom, from the sofa to your bedside.  

As floor lamp gets more and more popular, there are so many alternatives available on the market. In this passage, we have chosen some of the best floor lamps which match most of your decor. 

Brightech Sky LED Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

This Brightech Sky LED floor lamp is considered typical of the minimalist. Equipped with a 30W LED light bulb, it takes into consideration both atmosphere and illumination in your home and office.

Featured with a slender body, this standing lamp fits almost every corner. With round and thin base, you could place it next to the sofas, recliners, beds or other furniture without taking too much space. The rotatable head could be switched to illuminate anywhere you want.

This floor lamp measures 63 inches high and the weighted 4-pound base adds extra stability and sturdiness to it.

The built-in dimmer allows you to set 3 different brightness. No matter when you want to change the brightness or turn it on/off, you could easily achieve it through the touch switch.

The lamp is compatible with both wall switches and smart plug. In smart plug mode, it could work with Alexa or other smart devices so as to make your life more convenient. However, the smart mode would result in a little delay in turning on the light and you still have to use a built-in switch to dim the light.

Compared with fluorescent, compact fluorescent, halogen and incandescent bulbs, this LED bulb is more durable and long-lasting for the following 20 years. The light bulb would stay cool even after long-time lightening so that you don’t have to worry about overheating and energy waste. 


Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp 

Floor Lamp

This is another floor lamp from Brightech which is designed for working, studying, reading or any other activities.

Powered by a 12W energy-saving LED bulb, this standing lamp produces gentle natural daylight spectrum white light. LED light gives out little heat, so it is more durable than the glaring halogen bulb or incandescent light bulb. It could last as long as 20 years.  

This floor lamp is featured with not only practical use but also fashionable design. The elegant and flexible gooseneck allows you to adjust it to any angle and proper height.

The whole lamp measure 42” * 53” while the base measures 9” * 10”, so it is compact to move around your house and take up little space.

There are 5 colors available, including white, black, brown, natural wood and silver. All these are classic colors and you would be bound to find one that matches your home decor most.

There is a touch button above the gooseneck that helps you control your lamp on/off. After turning on the lamp, keep holding down on the button and it would run through all the brightness level. Leave the button when you get proper brightness. 


Simple Designs Home Organizer Storage Shelf Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

This is more a storage shelf than a simple floor lamp. Measuring 10.2” x 10.2” x 62.75”, the lamp is placed on the top and it is divided into a three-story shelf.

There are 4 colors available, including black, white, gray and tan. Each color could match most of your home decor. The lamp illuminates your home while the shelves display or storage your personal items, such as plants, books, vases, picture frames, and other home accent pieces.

This floor lamp is turned on/off through a pull chain which is quite a retro and classic design.

It is compatible with Type A medium base bulb, but it is not included and you could adjust the brightness by attaching different bulbs. 



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