Best Manual and Electric Foot File to Remove Callus and Hard Skin

Author:Max | TIME:September 29,2018

Want baby soft feet? Foot file can work great to remove dead skin, hard skin, and calluses, let your feet look soft and supple again.

If your preference is to be barefoot at any time or you need to keep standing or walking during work hours, this can result in the tough skin on both feet. More seriously, crappy skin and blemishes can occur. You still hope to show off your feet, right? If you want to change this, it's time to pedicure.

But those bad hand-held blades that allows you to cut off your hard skin like you're whittling wood can do nothing but hurt your skin. So you should find a quality foot file that powerful enough to remove the hard skin and calluses on your feet, but it should be gentle enough not to hurt the new skin.

But how do you choose the best ankle from thousands of different products? This is hard. So we do it for you to compared different product and list 3 of the best foot files for your feet and gnarly climber-hands, including manual and electric foot file.

#1 Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File.jpg

I don't think I have to explain this brand. Amope Pedi Perfect has done the best on making best foot file. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular foot files trusted by thousands of homes and beauty parlors that allows you to instantly remove thick hard skin and callused skin from your feet.

This unit is compact and portable. This means you can tuck it into your backpack or suitcase anytime, anywhere without taking up any of space, you can easily get it when you want to do a pedicure.

The Amope Pedi Perfect is equipped with a miniature alumina roller head that allows you to feel the micro-abrasive particles in it by hand. Although the surface is rough, there are no protruding particles that can hurt your feet. You just need to let it pass over the dry, dead skin, it only takes 4 seconds for those hard skin to be easily removed.

The only thing you need to do is to make sure to replace the worn roller heads after a while so that you get the best results every time. Of course, replacing the roller head is very simple. In addition, when you need to wipe off the large surface of the dead skin, remember not to use too much force.

#2 Pure Enrichment Electric Foot File

Pure Enrichment Electric Foot File.jpg

Pure Enrichment comes in an 8-in-1 manicure and pedicure kit that includes 8 professional accessories for smoothing the calluses, removing excess cuticle and beautifying the nails.

Powered by two AA batteries, the Pure Enrichment foot file's wireless design lets you not be bothered by the intertwined lines. At the same time, it’s ergonomically designed to make it feel comfortable in the hands. You can be pleasantly surprised that his appearance is very different from other foot files when you see grinding head is at a 90-degree angle to the handle, which makes it more comfortable to use.

There is a button on the handle that lets you switch from three optional options, including low speed, high speed and off and you can easily use different modes to remove the hard skin and calluses.

#3 Microplane Manual Foot File

Microplane Manual Foot File.jpg

If you are on feet all day for the job, resulting with thick and tough skin on the bottom of your feet, Microplane is  best manual foot file for you to soften your skin and supple.

This Manual Foot File has a large file surface that allows you to easily get to the hard skin. When using it, don't use too hard force in not as thick-skinned as possible places.

It is a very compact foot file that can be easy to move, and some people find that it can be used for other purposes, for example, it is used for chapped high heels.

How to Use a Foot File

Before using the foot file- Do some preparation for a softer foot. A 15-minutes warm water bath is necessary for you to soak your feet, you can add your essential oils, vitamins or soap to the water to achieve good results.

When using the foot file- Dry your wet feet with a towel. Then use the foot file according to the user manual. In the process, pay attention to the force of your cast on the foot file, whether you are using an electric foot file or a manual foot file. You can use pumice stone to remove residual dead skin or extra keratin. Check your skin and stop using it if something bad happens.

After using the foot file - you need to moisturize your feet. Apply a foot moisturizer to keep your feet hydrated. You can also use cream or oil to lock the moisture.


In the summer we have to show our feet when we wear sandals or flip-flops, but have you ever thought that it will  harden skin on your feet? So, you can use a foot file to remove the hard skin but a bad one can hurt your feet. Here above we have listed 3 popular hard skin remover, 2 electric foot files, 1 manual foot file.


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