​How to Get Wavy Hair or Heatless Curls without using Curling Iron

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How to get wavy hair? Overnight hair curlers are probably the most economical styling tool, bringing you bouncy and long-lasting no heat curls. I have to admit that hot curlers may be overwhelming in the market while using overnight hair curlers to get natural heatless curls seems a little bit outdated.

But in fact, they are always valuable investments that can increase the size and shape of the hair. In this way, longer beauty sleep time is allowed rather than getting up early in the morning and grabbing your curly iron. It's time to let your curling iron rest for a while.

When choosing the best hair curler to get no heat curls, the first consideration is comfortability. Hard silicone and dial cords can make you feel uncomfortable. A curler made of memory foam will feel more comfortable. If the roller is wired, you should cover the UK with a thick layer of foam.

Second, what type of your hair? The thinner the roller, the tighter the curl. Long hair may require a large curling iron or more curlers. In this article, you will learn how to get the heatless curls with overnight hair curlers. Those tools are comfortable enough and easy to use. Now let's see how to get wavy hair.

1. Get Heatless Curls with Tifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rods

Tifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rods.jpg

It's not a hard thing to get wavy hair. If your hair is naturally straight, you can use ifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rods to easily get the no heat curls you want. You don't have to worry about you being burnt, which seems difficult to avoid when you use those hot iron. You won't be bothered by some chemicals, although it doesn't give you a permanent curl, it can come in handy when you're on some important occasions. In fact, using these styling tools is simple and they should be part of your life.

Tifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rods come with is a 42-pack multi-color bar available in seven sizes, including 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8" , 11/16" and 7/8". This is enough for you to get any style. The rod made of lightweight foam is 7 inches long. They are soft and elastic. Let's see how it works to get the no heat curls.


Step 1. Gently wet your hair - Before using these curlers robs, make sure your hair is wet or wet to get the best curling results and best heatless curls, which will help your heatless curls last longer. Therefore some moisturizers are necessary. You can apply a coconut oil or shea butter moisturizer to your hair using a comb or finger.

Step 2. Roll and crunch - First, divide your hair into several segments. Place the end of your hair on the stick. Then roll up and wrap the remaining hair around the rods. Finally, you need to fold the ends of the rods.

Step 3. Leave it to dry overnight.

It takes a long time, so let them dry when you are sleeping. When you wake up the next day, you will find that they are completely dry, then you need to loosen the ends and then loosen up the hair. That’s how you can get heatless curls.


2. Get Heatless Curls with Allstar Innovations Sleep Styler

Allstar Innovations Sleep Styler.jpg

How to get wavy hair? Sleep Styler is one of the most common overnight hair curlers. If you are completely a curling iron handicap and often burn yourself, Allstar Innovations Sleep Styler is your safest styling tool to get you wavy hair overnight without any damage.

Allstar Innovations comes in 2 sizes including  6'' large rollers and  3'' rollers. If your hair is very thick, please air dry to 80% dry before using the large roller. The mini SLEEP STYLER is a three-inch roller for long, thin hair. Sleep Styler's absorbent suede material helps smooth the cuticles of the hair and reduce frizz. Next is a guide that you can learn how to get wavy hair without heat.

You can find a fabric strip on the top and velcro on the bottom of the curler to effectively eliminate the dents and creases that may be left with the hair clip, ensuring the natural wavy hair you get. Its marshmallow core design maximizes comfort, especially when you are sleeping.


The first step is to wash your hair before wrapping. Wash and condition your hair as usual, then apply the styling product. Divide your hair into several parts.

The second step, wrap. You need to pick up the rollers and put them on top of your head while they need to face up. Now wrap each piece of hair around the roller. Then wrap the strip around the roller (you need to have the opposite direction of the hair). The strip is then secured to the hook and loop strap.

The third step is to sleep. The fourth step is to remove the roller after waking up. Now, you will get the heatless curls for long hair or short hair.



Don't know how to get wavy hair? In this article, we have 2 ways to get heatless curls or no heat curls. These two overnight curlers provide you with an economical solution and avoid the damage of hot curling iron and hot sticks, really It is safe and sound in the sense.

Second, these two curlers are very easy to use. Don't do a lot of workouts, you can complete the work of the parcel. Next, you can climb to bed and sleep. Woke up for the second time, you can get large and long-lasting heatless curls.


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