Inflatable Travel Pillow With Washable Soft Velvet Cover.

  • 1.The inflatable travel pillow can be inflated within 30-60sec, it can be easy blowing up by mouth. The valve holds air are very well without leakage during sleeping.
  • 2. Sleeping on the plane with the inflatable neck pillow for long travelling, it for airplane travel is a perfect travel companion, it also nice for car, train, camping or office relax. 3. Travel pillow inflatable is made from a PVC inner base, covered with soft velvet and it has a built-in pump for ease of use. 4. The removable Soft-velvet inflatable neck pillow is washable! Now you can always travel with a fresh neck pillow, the outer cover is easily removed for cleaning, and it is easy to packaged into a small size storage bag to save space.
  • 5. Inflatable travel pillow is able to adjust the firmness without taking it off. Be sure the release cap is off or the pump will not pull air and it excellent for airplane, car, bus and train etc.

The inflatable travel pillow is better than Traditional Travel Pillows

 1. The traditional memory foam pillows are too bulky for long trips.  2. It will take too much space of the luggage.  3. They are too hard or too soft to get enough neck support and positioning.  4. The fabrics are often irritating and unwashable.  5. Mouth-blowing inflatable pillows makes you breathless when blowing them up, it's embarrassed. 

FINDANOR Travel Neck Pillow Offers You the Best Support.

 1. Super soft velvet outer cover can be easily removable and washable. 2. you can Inflate it within 30-60 seconds with a push-button pump. 3. Easily adjust the firmness of inflation to meet your needs. 4. Ergonomically designed for the multi-faceted care of your cervical spine. 5. Packs down into a small packsack.

Ergonomically Designed– For the Best Support .

Molded the curve humps of your head and neck, our inflatable travel pillows can fit your neck and head perfectly to get comfortable experience. Features with two humps to keep your neck straight and your head upright, protect your cervical spine and relieve fatigue and tension of neck.

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