IP Camera Recommendations For Home Security Monitoring

Author:Max | TIME:March 04,2019

The basic difference between the IP camera and analog CCTV camera is image scanning, and IP camera makes the video transmission process easier. 

It allows for a transition from optical to digital formats that can be easily stored and transmitted over the network. So this is one of the reasons why IP cameras are superior to analog systems.

Plus, an IP camera makes your home surveillance easier. You can know what's happening in your home anytime, anywhere, within surveillance range through your mobile device or computer.

If you are looking for a home security solution, then IP camera is a great way to work for you as a very important addition. But if you don’t know how to choose the IP camera system, here is the information that you can’t ignore.

Ways to choose a camera and Best IP camera review are below. Read on.

Ways to Choose Camera For Beginners

Choosing the right IP camera for your home is not difficult, you just need to figure out something. If you are a newbie and don't know if you choose, I will share my thoughts here.

1. Indoor IP camera should be a convert and small.

Most often, the IP camera is installed indoors to monitor everything happening at home. Although the outdoor camera can work perfectly indoors, we need to ask this indoor camera to be hidden and can take pictures of what we want without being noticed.so that evidence would not easily be destroyed if there is an intruder. Therefore, the indoor IP camera should be small and match with your home décor.

2.bullet style IP cam is great for flexibility but easily be targeted.

Flexibility is an important consideration for the outdoor bullet style IP cam because you need to adjust it often. But to prevent it from being too easy to be the target of an attack, it is suitable for mounting under the eaves. The waterproof ranking should be at least IP66 for the outdoor IP camera system.

3. Dome style camera is hard to adjust once mounted but weather resistant.

Dome cameras are not be destroyed by the bad weather or people, but they are difficult to adjust.

1. Phylink PLC-128PW convert IP camera

Phylink Spy camera.jpg

If you are looking for a hidden camera, HYLINK PLC-128PW is a good choice for you, it can provide you with high-definition video and clear sound. Its super small size makes it easy to hide in bookshelves, windows, eaves, boxes and more.

The Phylink Spy camera has a camera performance in good lighting conditions. It was recorded in 720p high definition with no blurred lines or distorted views. H.264 compression technology allows you to store more files to save memory card space. The built-in microphone also starts recording at the same time, and the sound you get is clear

However, it does not have a nighttime infrared function, so the image performance does decrease as the light disappears. If you're looking for a photo of HD that can be completely dark, it's not your choice.

It supports WiFi connectivity and Power Over Ethernet. This means that if you need to place your camera in a location where there is no strong WiFi signal in your router, you can also view and record it using an Ethernet connection.

The motion detection feature allows you to receive alert notifications on your smartphone once an action is detected. You can use the software on multiple platforms, including devices and computers for Android and iOS.


Small size, convert

720p high definition

Connect with WiFi

Power Over Ethernet

Motion detection

Multi-platform playback

Support for up to 128 GB events

Easy to use software


Night vision is not available.


2. Amcrest Indoor IP Camera 

Amcrest Indoor IP Camera.jpg

With Amcrest Camera, you get unbeatable clear images and 1920 x 1080p video quality, giving you enough detail. At the same time, it can be panned and tilted remotely via software. Although it has a 90-degree viewing angle, 360-degree rotation can compensate a lot.

And its zoom function allows for no image quality damage.

Unlike the Phylink PLC-128PW, this IP camera supports night vision mode. With 12 infrared LEDs, you can see clear images when it's completely black. Of course, the motion detection system works very well. And you can set the sensitivity of its sensing.

All data can be saved on a 64GB MicroSD card. But let, you can use a 32GB card, NAS, etc.

HD 1080P videos.

You can use this camera as pet cam, baby monitor, or elder cam.


Record and Playback

Easy wifi connection

Wide view angle

Pan and Tilt 

Great night vision

Two-way audio


the app is not user-friendly enough.



If you want to keep an eye on what's happening in your home, but you don't want to invest in a mature home security system, then connecting an IP camera is a worthy investment.

You can consider all the factors and find the best IP camera system


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