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Tablet has become necessary in modern life, which is widely used for work, study or entertainment. Are you still holding your tablet with your hands when browsing the screen, which is highly inefficient and inconvenient? That is why more and more people are seeking to equipped an iPad stand or tablet stand for their smart device. It is not only a simple hands-free tablet holder but also an important protective holder.

With an iPad stand, your hands are released so that you could make your iPad a cookbook while you are cooking, a monitor while you are working or studying, a video player while you are taking a bath, etc.

Additionally, it helps to keep your tablets in balance and stable when you use it lying in the bed or on the uneven platform.

In this passage, we have found some top-selling tablet stands which are compatible with most smartphones, tablets or iPad. 

*Anker Portable Multi-Angle iPad Stand

Anker iPad Stand

Anker is a reputable and reliable brand that specializes in digital products and accessories, so as this iPad stand. It is suitable for not only iPad but also all 4- to 10-in smartphones, e-readers and tablets.

This tablet stand, made of durable and premium aluminum, is able to support up to 11 pounds. The silver finish matches most devices, looking like extra decoration.  

There are rubber feet at the bottom of the tablet holder which is a perfect material to prevent slipping. The rubber pad inserted in the groove aims to prevent your tablets from scratches. By raising up the base, you don’t have to worry that the groove would block your screen. The pad is removable if you put a larger or thicker device on it so that it stands sturdily on it. It could accommodate devices thinner than 0.55 inches.

By simply pressing the button, you could tilt the holder to 9 different angles so as to gain the most suitable view while standing, sitting or lying down. If you would like to take it out or store, just fold it up and put it away.


*AmazonBasics Adjustable iPad Stand

AmazonBasics iPad Stand

AmazonBasics, as a self-owned brand of Amazon, has long been providing some necessary things in our life. This AmazonBasics tablet stand aims to release your hands to hold your iPad, Kindle, smartphone or other tablets and e-readers.

It folds up to be only 7 x 1 x 1 inches which allows you to put it in the bag and take it around so that you could work on a trip.

The heavy plastic and rigid structure allow the tablet holder to stand sturdily on the flat surface. The anti-slipping material under the leg is similar to the soft yoga mat, which protects both your devices and your furniture. The foam padded backrest perfectly avoids scratches on your tablets without a protective cover.

Some customers complain that it is inconvenient to charge when the tablet is laid vertical.


Lamicall iPad Stand

Lamicall iPad Stand

Lamicall iPad stand ranks as the best seller among all tablet stand products, which fits 4- to 13-in tablets. You could lay your device horizontal if you find a 12-in or larger tablet stands unstable.

Made of aluminum alloy that reaches the aerospace level, this tablet holder claims to be highly strong and durable but extremely lightweight.

The adjustable stand allows you to tilt it to different angles in certain circumstances. For example, you learn cooking while watching the cooking videos; you have dinner while watching movies; you take notes while reading e-files.

Featured with rubber feet and pad, there is no need worrying about scratches and sliding. The hooks of the holder measures 0.71 inches, so please make sure that your device is thinner than the iPad stand’s maximum width, especially when is wearing a tablet case.

By loading your tablets on the holder, you could release your hands to playing games, watching movies or typing.


*Tryone Gooseneck iPad Stand

Tryone iPad Stand

Compared with the previous tablet holders, this one from Tryone is different. Featured with a gooseneck, it allows you to tilt it to different angles and position especially when you are lying down.

By clamping to hold your device, it is compatible with devices measuring 4 to 10.6 inches.

The whole tablet stand is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which makes it stiff, sturdy and flexible. Therefore, when you bend the gooseneck, please use both hands in case that hard push would damage its flexibility. When you attach a heavy tablet to it, you are suggested to loop the gooseneck into an "S" shape or circle shape so as to provide more stability.

With a reinforced bolt clamp base, the iPad stand fits itself by clamping to the table edge, headboard or shelves.

We have to remind you that this holder is only suitable for browsing or reading because it shakes when you touch or hit the screen.



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Top 4 iPad Stand Options - Amazon Reviews