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Author:Ameenah | TIME:January 10,2019

Many of us have ever dreamed of becoming a rock star. Although it seems difficult to be a real singer standing on the stage and sing. However, it is usually impossible to have great fun when visiting a bar or club. You could act like a singer with a singing machine.

If you really love singing, it might be a good idea to buy yourself a karaoke machine. I bet that most of you have music players at home. Sometimes if you would like to sing at home, you might run everywhere searching for microphones and speakers. However, with a singing machine, it would be easier to build a karaoke room because it is an integrated machine that combines all necessary components.

A karaoke machine is a good idea when you have a party at home. Singing with your families, especially kids, is wonderful and healthy family entertainment.

*L P Karaoke Machine For Kids 


This LP Karaoke Machine is specially designed for 3- to 9-year-old kids with a telescopic stand extending from 18.5 to 40 inches.

There are two microphones, one for the stand and another for hand-held so that you could sing with your little singer.

The base flashes to produce colorful lights, making your kids feel like standing on a real stage. When he/she is singing, you could quietly tap the foot pedals and it would give out audience applause sounds and other fun recordings. In this way, you could train to encourage him/her to sing or talk before the audience.

The speaker produces wonderful sound quality which is similar to that of a karaoke room.

If the built-in dancing tunes could not satisfy your kids' needs, you could attach the singing machine to your smartphones, computers or tablets with AUX cable so that you could enjoy and sing your favorite or familiar songs. Remember to adjust the volume to a proper level in case of bothering your neighbors.

Powered by 4 AA batteries, you have to check the battery regularly so as to prevent low battery.

The microphone stand and the portable speaker are separated when it arrives, so it requires assembly but it is not a difficult job.


*SML385UW Singing Machine Karaoke Machine For Adults

singing machine

This singing machine aims to build a domestic Karaoke room for you. 54 LED Disco lights flash and change colors as you sing so as to make a dramatic light effect. The dimmer setting allows you to change the colors and brightness of lights to create an exciting or gentle party atmosphere.

The speaker built inside the wooden cabinet produces excellent sound quality so that your audience could fully appreciate your singing.

With a CD player on the top of the karaoke machine, you could play and sing different people's favorite songs.

With RCA cables, you could connect your machine to your TV so that you could see the lyrics or images. If you love freestyle, TV connection is optional.  

If you don’t have suitable CDs, you could connect it to your devices through Bluetooth. 


*Portable Karaoke Machine 

Portable Karaoke Machine

A bulky karaoke machine is definitely only suitable for singing at home. Wanna make it easier to carry a singing machine? Get a portable one. The portable karaoke machine is actually a wireless microphone that allows you to connect it to your smartphones through Bluetooth so that you could have your singing party at any time and anywhere.

Professional-level microphone makes your voice sound like a superstar. It sounds loud and clear coming out of the 5-watt speaker The metal filter head at the top perfectly reduces noise and dust so as to eliminate interference, while broadcasting your voice, loud and crystal clear!

Nothing could be more disappointing than a dead microphone when you are fully indulged in singing. The good news is that this 2200mh portable singing machine could keep running as long as 8 hours.

The Disco ball light with a USB port is compatible with power bank, microphone, mobile phone, power adapter or computer which produces Disco-like light effect.

There comes along with a smartphone holder where you could place your phone when you connect them. The carrying case adds extra convenience for storage and transportation. 



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