Laptop Sleeve - Extra Protection For Laptops

Author:Ameenah | TIME:January 11,2019

Laptops are expensive. You might be worrying about drops, scratches and wear because repairing a computer could cost a lot. Well, there is now a cheap and practical way that provides extra protection for your costly device - laptop sleeve.

Although there is usually a built-in protective slot in a backpack or suitcase, it is also necessary to buy a laptop case because it perfectly fits your laptop which prevents shaking. With a laptop sleeve, you could take a compact bag along with you and use it during the trip conveniently instead of taking a bulky backpack. 

MOSISO Neoprene Sleeve

MOSISO Neoprene Sleeve

MOSISO is ranked as the best laptop sleeve on Amazon. The package includes a laptop sleeve and a small case.

The sleeve measures 13.58” (L) x 0.79” (W) x 9.64” (H) inside and 13.97” (L) x 0.79” (W) x 10.04” (H) outside, suitable for most 12.9- to 13.3-inch notebook. The small case measures 5.5” (L) x 0.59” (W) x 4.92” (H) inside and 6.1” (L) x 0.59” (W) x 5.31” (H) outside, suitable for accessories like charger, USB cable, earphones, etc.

The neoprene foam pad and fluffy fleece fabric lining in the interior feels soft on the laptop while resisting mold, dent, shock or bump. The exterior is made of lycra material which could resist water, dust, dirt and scratches.

Sealed by a smoothly gliding zipper on the top, it allows you to put in and take out your laptop conveniently without scratches.

The slim and lightweight laptop sleeve is designed for traveling or business trip. You could put it in the backpack, briefcase, suitcase or simply carry it around.  

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AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve 

AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

This best laptop sleeve from AmazonBasics is made of felt in the exterior and soft suede in the interior, providing dual protection to your laptop.

Measuring 15.4” (L) x 10.7”(H) exterior and 14.2” (L) x 9.6”(H) interior, this laptop case is designed for 15-in laptops, 15.4-inch Macbook Pro Retina and most 13-Inch Ultrabooks and Macbooks.

It consists of the main compartment, 1 smaller compartment in the front and 2 pockets at the back. You would have incomparable storage space with solely one bag for paper, files, wallets, cards, phones, etc.

Flap design with Velcro closure perfectly secures your laptop and prevents it from dropping out. 

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ProCase Laptop Sleeve 

ProCase Laptop Sleeve

ProCase laptop case measures 16” (L) x 11.5” (W) x 1.5” (H) in the exterior and 15.6” (L) x 11” (W) x 1.1” (H)  in the interior, compatible with most 14- to 15.6-in laptops.

The exterior layer is made of canvas and polyester, which is excellent in resisting water, dust, dirt and scratches. The interior is filled with soft eco-friendly lining and foam padding which provides overall protection while doing no harm to people.

Boasting of an extra extendable handle and multiple storage space, you could take it along for the business trip, having class or leisure traveling. The extra compartment in the front also has a zipper to safeguard your accessories.  

The long zipper loading on top of the main compartment allows you to fully open the laptop sleeve to 180 degrees so that you could work or watch videos at any time and anywhere.

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How to Choose a Laptop Sleeve?

  • Suitable size

The laptop sleeve is mainly designed to protect your laptop, so a perfect size should be given the first priority when buying the best laptop sleeve. If you choose a laptop case larger than the device itself, there is extra space for it to move around inside until it reaches the edge when you move or stop. This would actually bring an unexpected impact. However, if the sleeve is in the proper size, it seems that it would fix your laptop in place.

  • Material

Laptop sleeve is usually made of polyester, suede leather, leather, microfiber or nylon. Different materials are featured with different thickness.

Microfiber suede leather is excellent in scratch resistance but thinner than polyester. The latter one is more durable under sudden drop or violent knock.

The best laptop sleeve should also have a layer of waterproof material inside or outside the case, such neoprene.

  • Closure

There is a number of ways that secure a laptop inside, such as flap, zipper or no sealing at all. No matter when you put the laptop sleeve in the luggage or take it alone, we recommend you to buy a closed one in case that your laptop falls out of it accidentally.

If you choose a zipped laptop case, make sure that there is protection between the zips and your laptop so as to avoid scratches.

  • Extra features

Some laptop sleeves are featured with extra add-on. For example, there is a strap or handle for you to carry it. There could be also extra storage places for you to put away your phones, keys, rings, etc so that you could bring it out without other handbags.  


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Laptop Sleeve - Extra Protection For Laptops