How to Use daily Leather/Long Oven Mitts?

Author:yuda_yan | TIME:September 02,2018

It's very pleasant to make some cookies or cakes using the oven for your family on weekends or in the leisure time, but oven mitts which don't perform well can make you frustrated because you may be hurt by the heat. No worries, we recommend you the best oven mitts in 2018 and it’s also in the house wife’s most recommended kitchen supplies list.

All of us know oven mitts and oven gloves

Oven mitt has a single slot for the thumb, which separated from the other fingers.

Oven glove has five slots for all fingers.

They are not exactly the same but do the same thing which is protecting your hands from Hot objects.

What you need to consider when we pick the oven mitts

Heat resistance



With just cotton, you can't easily take your hot metal or set ware. YUTAT oven mitts are finished with cotton canvas and leather, filled with environmentally friendly recycled cotton. Whether you take anything out of the oven or a hot grill, just relax. This oven glove is resistant enough to protect your front arms.

These oven mitts are the best combination of heat resistance, durability, and affordability. Extra Long Oven Gloves 14" x 7.5" also protects the wrist and forearm, not for those with small hands.

How to use oven mitts daily?

Just wear them on when you are touching hot pans or pulling cookie sheet out from oven, and then take them off?

Yes. But please be careful not to take too long. You can read the Test for EN 407:2004.

For example, the contact temperature of one leather oven mitt is up to 250 degree, it’s average threshold time must over or equal to 15 seconds. It is the standard.

For example, one test is setting contact temperate 250 degrees for three times.

The first time its threshold time is 16 seconds when you feel getting burn. The second time is 15.2 seconds and the last time is 15.4 seconds. Its average threshold time is 15.5 seconds when you feel getting burn.

So, this oven mitt is up to 250 degree for its average threshold time is 15.5 seconds more than 15 seconds.

If you are holding a hot pan which is 250 degree for 17 seconds or 1 minute then you get burn, maybe you’ll complain about it or return it.

Sorry, it meets the standard. But you use it for too long. Is it clear? Its average threshold time is over or equal to 15 seconds.


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